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Ex-Display Omega Sana Juicer Ferrari Red EUJ 707R


Product Description

Omega Sana Juicer Ferrari Red UK-EUJ 707R


**This Juicer may have some surface marks and scratches on the juicing body and parts. The Juicer cannot be returned for this defect**

 **Please Note: This product does NOT come with any free gifts**

The latest model in the line from the prestigious Omega Juicers, the Omega Sana Juicer is a single gear masticating juicer. Specifically created and designed for the UK and European market, the Omega Sana Juicer Ferrari Red is based on the US line of Omega NC Juicers.

A hotly-anticipated upgrade to the Omega 8004/8006 Juicer Total Nutrition Centre, the Sana Juicer has much to live up to as its predecessor was widely regarded as the best single gear masticating juicer available. However, the new Omega has gone a step further with a range of new features not previously available as well as some improvements including a wider feeding chute, stainless steel containers for collection, coarse juicing screen to optimise soft fruit processing and a brand-new contemporary design. With exceptional engineering and GE-Ultem, BPA free parts, the overall design is of the superb quality that we expect to see with an Omega Juicer. The super-slow masticating speed of just 70 RPM has been preserved in the Sana Juicer resulting in a juice rich in enzymes and an extremely generous juice yield.

juicers.co.uk is proud to be a retailer of the Omega Sana juicer and one of the official Omega distributors in the UK. 


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The original Omega 8004/8006 vs the new Omega Sana Juicer EUJ 707

Compared to the original Omega 8004/8006 the new Omega Sana Juicer EUJ 707 features a long list of new features and upgrades, helping it to surpass its extremely popular predecessor. Some of the features you might find include: 

  • A coarse juicing screen to get optimum results when juicing soft vegetables and fruit, the first horizontal masticating juicer to include this. The standard fine juicing screen and homogenising and mincing juicing screen are also included with the Omega Sana
  • Available in three gorgeous colours including Ferrari Red, Pearl White and Chrome
  • Bigger feeding chute of 45mm at its widest section (compared to 40mm for the Omega 8004/8006)
  • Pulp collector made from stainless steel and glass juice collector for maximum hygiene
  • Hidden power cord
  • Base of juicer features integrated handle
  • Certified as being free from BPS and BPA
  • Silicone ring in the pusher tool to help push the produce right into the masticating auger

Create a range of recipes with the Omega Sana Juicer Ferrari Red UK EUJ 707R


Similarly to competitor machines on the market such as the Oscar Neo and the Samson Advanced, the Omega Sana is supplied with a generous range of nozzles and a blank homogenising screen. This selection means you can choose to make a variety of different pasta noodle shapes, grind coffee or make frozen fruity sorbets and nut butters.

The Omega 8006 Juicer vs the Omega Sana Juicer EUJ 707

In many ways the new Omega Sana performs almost identically to its predecessor, but when it comes to leafy greens and distinct advantage. Compared to the original Omega 8004/8006 the new Omega Sana is 2-4% better for leafy greens and 5% better on soft items such as pineapples, grapefruit and oranges.

Technical specifications

  • Super strong juicing parts thanks to GE Ultem technology
  • 420mm L x 187mm W x 320mm H
  • 5.7kg weight
  • Induction motor which is reliable and quiet
  • Motor warranty 10 years, parts warranty 5 years
  • Low rotation speed of 70 RPM
  • Slow speed masticating juicer helps to protect enzymes in the juice and deliver a greater nutritional content
  • Contemporary new housing for motor
  • Simplified clean-up operation with easy and intuitive design for taking apart and re-assembly


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