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Juicing During Pregnancy


During pregnancy we are advised to get optimum nutrition for ourselves and for our growing baby. I found Juicing to be an easy way to get raw fruits and vegetables in my diet without much effort and depending on whatever pregnancy symptoms we may be experiencing, we can target our juice to help alleviate issues such as juicing celery for lowering blood pressure, spinach and romaine lettuce for boosting folic acid and kiwi to help with the absorption of iron and prevention of anemia. 

Here’s a soothing and refreshing juice for Heartburn and Digestion Relief, cabbage is very soothing for the stomach and ginger is very calming for the digestive tract.

  • ½ pineapple
  • 1 thick slice white cabbage
  • 1 inch ginger root
  • 1 small bunch fresh mint


Why Should You Start Juicing?

Embark on a path to discover a new and healthier version of yourself today.

No magic, just great nutrition.