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Zumex Speed Pro Self-Service Podium Commercial Citrus Juicer


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Zumex Speed Pro Self-Service Podium Commercial Citrus Juicer

The Zumex Speed Pro Self-Service Podium is the perfect option for any self-service hospitality environment with a high juice demand. It is capable of very quick performance, and it can juice 40 fruits a minute while still producing an incredibly high juice yield. Furthermore, it can be programmed to juice in either a continuous or non-continuous operation mode depending on the situation.

Key Features

  • Juices up to 40 fruits per minute
  • Can juice fruit sized 65 - 81mm
  • Can produce up to 4.5l of juice per minute
  • Intelligent electronic interface
  • Two service modes: Continuous & Non-Continuous
  • 52l capacity waste trolley
  • Very easy to drain and clean
  • ASP antibacterial system
  • Durable and food safe materials

Commercial Juicing Excellence

The Speed Pro Self-Service Podium is highly capable, and it exceeds many other models in terms of juicing performance. It can produce up to 4.5 litres of juice a minute and has a feeder capacity of 20kg, allowing it to keep up with heavy demand over an extended period.

Intelligent Controls

The intelligent electronic interface makes controlling the functions of the Self-Service Podium very simple, allowing for quick access to operation modes and language settings. It also allows the juicer to be programmed to juice a set amount of fruit at a time, which aids it in operating with great autonomy and adaptability.

Hygiene and Safety

Hygiene is an important element in all Zumex’s juicers, and the Speed Pro Self-Service Podium is equipped with their unique ASP (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) antibacterial system. The system works by releasing silver ions whenever bacteria are detected. The silver ions can then bond with the bacteria, which neutralises them and prevents further growth.

The Speed Pro Self-Service Podium is also equipped with some safety features to prevent accidents. The first of these is a triple detection system, which can safeguard all risk areas and shut the device off whenever an unsafe action occurs. The other safety feature is a motor seizure detection system, which causes the Self-Service Podium to turn off when any motor error occurs.

Our Verdict

The Speed Pro Self-Service Podium is the best option for a busy self-service environment, and it can produce huge quantities of juice without cutting down on quality. A 20kg feeder allows it to keep juicing for long periods without pause and its intelligent electronic interface is easy to use and interact with. The refined autonomous experience really helps this juicer to provide a comfortable self-service experience for customers.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Speed Pro Self-Service Podium
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 70 x 67.5 x 176.5
  • Feeder Capacity: 20kg
  • Fruits per Minute: 40
  • Power (Watts): 300
  • Weight (kg): 120
  • Warranty: 2 Years RTB

* Please note there is a lead time of 7-10 days on this product.

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