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Angel 8500s Twin Gear Juicer with Surgical Stainless Steel Parts and Intelligent Auto Reverse


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Product Description

Angel 8500s Surgical Stainless-Steel Twin Gear Juicer

The Angel 8500s Juicer is the finest masticating juicer we have ever used. The Angel 8500s is the top of the range Angel juicer and features higher grade surgical stainless steel SUS-316 (18-12) parts, specifically the juicing screen, screen cover and twin gears.

Like the Angel 7500, the Angel 8500s Juicer also features the automatic reverse safety function. When juicing it is easy to overload the chamber, the Angel Juicer 8500s automatically senses the additional pressure build-up and reverses out automatically to prevent blockages. This stops too much pressure building up inside the machine which could possibly damage the juicing screen.



Angel Juicers are regarded as the Rolls Royce of Juicers. In our 10+ years of selling juicers here at Juicers.co.uk we have yet to find a juicer that performs as well as the Angel Juicer in terms of extracting the highest possible juice yield and driest possible pulp. No other Juicer we’ve tested can extract as much Juice as the Angel from common produce like apples, carrots, wheatgrass and celery, the pulp comes out unbelievably dry compared to other juicers.

The Angel 8500s and all parts are made completely of surgical stainless steel SUS-316 and the large twin gears have anti-bacterial properties adding to its unique hygienic construction. If you are looking for the best juicer money can buy then look no further than the Angel. The extra 15-30% yield you get with the Angel versus any other juicer on the market will justify the extra cost over a 2-3 year period with the amount you will save on buying produce. The Angel is also a stunning design piece and will be a focal point of any kitchen.  

Finally, and foremost, we are the official distributors of the Angel juicers in the UK and all our models come with a UK plug and are dispatched from our warehouse based in the UK so you can be rest assured that you a re purchasing from a very reliable and reputable company.


Key Features

  • All stainless steel juicer - made from SUS-304 stainless steel
  • Juicing screen, screen cover and gears are made from a higher grade SUS-316 (18-12) surgical stainless steel
  • Removes 95% of pesticides and agrochemicals on the surface of non-organic Fruit and Vegetables by binding to the waste fibre (due to the design of the 2 large spinning stainless steel gear gears
  • The only juicer capable of efficiently extracting nutrients locked inside cellulose fibres so you get the maximum levels of enzymes and nutrients from deep within the fibres
  • Easy to assemble, use and clean (Only 4 juicing parts)
  • Six outstanding operational safety features
  • Extracts up to 2 times more juice & 3 times more nutrients than some other twin gear machines
  • 3HP Motor grinding force with the gears spinning at a speed of only 86RPM
  • Intelligent Auto Reverse - automatically senses the additional pressure build-up and reverses out automatically to prevent blockages
  • Super quiet when running
  • Makes delicious soy milk
  • Grinds soybeans, beans, grains, coffee beans and makes nut butters (optional nut butter screen required) 
  • Angel Juicer has won 3 international awards and has been recognised as the Number 1 twin gear / cold press juicer in the world

Product Video

Angel Juicer 8500s Parts


Technical Specification

  • Juices Wheatgrass? Yes, the best we have ever used!
  • Dishwasher safe? No
  • All stainless steel construction
  • RPM: 86
  • 3 HP Grinding Force Motor
  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 540 x 260 x 360 mm
  • Weight (Unboxed) 9.5kg
  • Feeding Chamber 43mm
  • Parts Warranty 3 years (Domestic use only)
  • Motor Warranty 5 years (Domestic use only)
  • Colour: Stainless Steel (the colour of the sticker on the switch buttons may vary, however, this is the latest Angel 8500 model)

* Please note the silicone ring that fits around the juicing screen is not covered under warranty as it is an optional part as detailed in the manual.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Juicer

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2019

    I think , Angel 8500s should be a bit cheaper , then more peoples could buy it .
    It is very good juicer , easy to clean and making very dry pulp.

    Product Rating
  2. Excellent and Amazing!

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2019

    I have used many juicers over the years and this is by far the best juicer i have ever used.
    I agree that it is very expensive but i think it is every penny worth it.
    It makes the tastiest, most delicious juice ever! The pulp comes out super dry!
    You will never go wrong with this juicer. I highly recommend it!

    Product Rating
  3. Get what you pay for

    Posted by on 12th Nov 2018

    Produces great juice and protects the nutrients

    However not as efficient nor as easy to clean as the Norwalk - but less than half the price

    Product Rating

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2018

    I Purchased the Angel 8500 Juicer to replace my old Hurom Juicer. I juice daily the quality of juice from Angel 8500 is best money can buy. The Pulp comes out totally dry. The Juice quality is excellent. Washing up and cleaning is easy peasy. The juicer looks awesome on my kitchen counter.
    I have no complaints on my new investment and i know for years to come it will pay it self time and time again.

    Product Rating

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2018

    Early days yet but very pleased with this juicer. it's very quiet and I am getting twice as much juice from the same amount of produce.

    Looks very impressive on the work top, and is so much easier to clean.

    Product Rating
  6. Great juicer

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2017

    Great product!! I have Sage Nutri Plus and finally came to a decision to replace it. I know I can't compare the two as sage isn't a masticating juicer but even though I juiced the same amount of carrot with both of them and was amazed, Angel juiced 3x more juice than Sage!! You pay for what You get!! Been using Angel for over a week at least 3 times a day now and the juice is delicious, as it was using the sage!! And a lot more yield than with Sage though! The quality of juice is great as well, a bit pulp gets through but not as much as from Sage. The other thing ive noticed when using sage even when I was juicing refrigerated produce the juice was coming out more or less room temperature, with Angel is nearly as cold as the veg from the fridge, so a lot more nutrients is being kept!! Overall expensive but money well spent!!

    Product Rating
  7. Great machine

    Posted by on 3rd May 2017

    This does the job. I mainly juice ginger root which is beyong most juicers. The steel rollers extract all the juice and then spit out the bone dry fibre at the other end. Fantastic and worth every penny. Beautiful stainless steel machinery, too.

    Product Rating
  8. Simply Perfect!

    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2016

    I have had masticating juicers before, however, I have to say that none of my previous juicers compare anywhere close to the Angel juicer. I love my new juicer, it is so easy to clean with only three parts and the intelligent auto reverse function is superb. It makes it so much easier to use the juicer.

    Product Rating

Other Details

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