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The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is no mystic art and there is no magic behind it. It works on pure scientific theory that shows ingesting nutrients directly without the need to digest fibre allows the body to quickly feel fresher and more energised. Over time this has been used in many ways to help with weight loss, improved brain function, fighting illness and a range of other benefits. We have put together a summary of the best advantages that can be achieved by drinking fresh homemade juice.

Fresh Juice is a ‘Living’ Food

Fresh, unheated, organic where possible, fruit and vegetables are rocket fuel for our body and affect the way we look and how we feel. Taking that same fresh produce and turning it into a raw juice means that you are getting the maximum amount of vital nutrition from your food as essentially many enzymes, vitamins and minerals are destroyed or deteriorated significantly during the traditional cooking process.  Through juicing on a regular basis we can ensure we get enough raw food into our diet without having to make any significant dietary changes. A fresh ‘living’ juice cannot be bought in a carton at the supermarket, despite the colourful marketing of even the most expensive brands, the fruit and vegetable content has been heat-treated and therefore of a significantly inferior nutritional value.

Separation of Juice from the Fibre

Drinking a fresh juice gives an immediate nutrient-hit to the body. A juicer will separate the juice from the fibres so your body receives the maximum nutrients in minutes. The extraction of juice from the fibre-containing pulp helps the body to easily digest the juice without expending much energy as there are no fibres to breakdown. It also means that the body can easily absorb the nutrients present in the juice extracted by the juicer as they have all been released from the fibres and are freely available.

Great Nutritional Value

A fresh juice is laden with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and countless other phytonutrients, which working together enhances our bodies’ immunity and protects us against illness and disease. Fresh juice is rich in antioxidants that fight the free radicals which contribute to cancer, heart disease and ageing.


Juicing Against Illness

Much has been written about the benefits of juicing to help combat illnesses. Many people have largely attributed their road to recovery by following a diet with a strong emphasis on juicing.  Juicing is a natural choice if you suffer from an illness or tend to catch colds frequently given its ability to protect, strengthen and nourish our bodies in a natural and non-invasive way. 

Juice Detoxing and Dieting

We are all eager to be healthier, happier, fitter and leaner but there is a misconception that to do so involves a lot of time and energy. Juicing is a simple yet highly effective way of contributing towards this change. A juice detox is a very effective way of cleansing the body and enables us to control and assess what we are consuming.   It leaves us feeling rejuvenated, bursting with energy, lighter and clearer in mind and body.

Juicing for Kids

Juicing is a great way of getting raw vegetables into your children. Children can get involved in making their own vibrantly coloured juice and are often surprised at how sweet tasting a vegetable juice can be.

Try It Yourself

The scientific evidence to support the benefits of drinking raw juice is compelling, but you don’t need to spend hours reading about it to be convinced, simply start juicing and within weeks your body itself will convince you of the benefits. 

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