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Hand Blenders

Hand blenders, also called immersion or stick blenders, are versatile kitchen tools ideal for effortless food preparation. With a compact design and a range of attachments, they excel at tasks like pureeing, blending and chopping. These handheld appliances are convenient choices for quick and easy food processing, making them essential for any cook.

Why choose a

Hand Blender?

Hand blenders are a fantastic tool for saving time in your kitchen! These blenders simplify the cooking process and allows you to easily blend ingredients together, without the need for a separate blender or food processor.

These blenders are small and lightweight and super easy to transport, the ideal portable blending device. Wether you’re cooking at home, catering and event, or preparing meals outdoors, a hand blender is a versatile tool.

Hand blenders are capable of fitting inside most vessels, allowing you to blend your ingredients directly in the pot or bowl, this saves your time and also reduces the number of dishes you need to wash.

Top Hand Blender Brands

For over six decades, Bamix has been enhancing kitchen experiences, thanks to the ingenious Swiss inventor Roger Prrinjaquet. From its inception, Bamix has evolved into a reliable and prominent kitchen appliance brand, catering to culinary enthusiasts worldwide. They offer brilliant hand blenders for a variety of use cases.
KitchenAid is a very well-established brand. With roots still firmly in the USA, KitchenAid is renowned for centring their 100 years of expertise around the production of industry-leading appliances. KitchenAid has fantastic products ranging from stand mixers to hand blenders and are perfect for anyone from chef to novice.
Cuisinart is an American kitchen appliance and cookware brand founded in 1971. Cuisinart now offers a wide array of high-quality products including hand blenders. Cuisinart aim to design products that make good food easier and more enjoyable to make at home.

Gastroback is a German kitchen appliance brand that focuses on design, high-grade materials, professional functionality, quality and safety, all at an affordable price. Bring innovation into your kitchen with products that are normally only available for professionals. 

Domestic Blenders

The kitchen appliance for everyday use, ideal for blending and mixing a variety of ingredients, from smoothies to soups. They come in different sizes and styles, offering convenience and versatility for home cooks.

Commercial Blenders

Robust and high-capacity blending machines tailored for professional kitchens, hotels, bars or any food service environment. Commercial blenders are heavy-duty appliances, designed to handle large volumes of ingredients effectively and consistently.

Vacuum Blenders

A superb choice of blending equipment for keeping the nutritional content within your smoothies. By establishing a vacuum seal, oxidation is prevented before blending, resulting in a velvety-smooth consistency for your beverages and enhanced flavour.

Blender Accessories

Add-on components to extend your blender’s capabilities. This page includes attachments, utensils and even vacuum storage. These accessories provide versatility and customisation for a broader range of recipes and are essential for both home and professional kitchens.