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Celery Juicers

As one of the most popular juice ingredients in the world, celery is worth incorporating into any juice diet, but not all juicers are up to the challenge of juicing it. This collection contains all the models that we have tried and tested with celery that were able to not only able to survive the challenge but also produced nutrient rich juices.

Why Should You

Juice Celery?

Consuming celery provides many different benefits to the body and as an ingredient it offers access to a wide array of useful vitamins and chemicals. One of the biggest advantages comes from the abundant levels of Vitamin K found within celery. Vitamin K is an important chemical for general health and multiple studies have shown that it is directly involved in the production of 4 proteins needed for blood to clot effectively. It also works alongside Vitamin D to ensure calcium reaches the bones, allowing for their proper development.

On top of this, celery has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory advantages due to its phytosterol content. This helps within symptoms including: bloating, acid reflux, acne, eczema and IBS as well as many other common inflammation issues.

So, it’s clear that consuming celery has many advantages, but what is the best way to access these many benefits? Well, if you were considering cooking it more often in meals then you may wish to reconsider as cooking at high temperatures will cause many of the useful vitamins and minerals in celery to denature or simply diffuse out of it, rendering it much less useful.

Instead its advised to consume celery in a raw format. However, this doesn’t mean you have to eat endless sticks of it to benefit. You can also process it with either a juicer or a blender to make a juice or smoothie rich in useful vitamins.

While both of these options are good, in the case of celery, we advise juicing it instead of blending it. Smoothies offer the advantage of fibre, which helps the body to process sugar at a more gradual rate. However, since celery contains little to no sugar this advantage is nullified. Instead drinking it in juice format allows the body to benefit very quickly as there is no need for it to be digested first.

Qualities of a Good

Celery Juicer

Unfortunately, not every type of juicer is able to cope with juicing celery, as, due to its fibrous nature, it is notorious for becoming tangled within some juicers, causing a large build-up of pulp.

Therefore, if you're wanting to buy a juicer and you plan on juicing lots of celery on a regular basis, you'll generally want to stick to horizontal and twin gear slow juicers. From our testing, models that fall into these groups are always able to handle the extra challenge offered by celery, where vertical slow juicers often struggle without a lot of extra care.

Although, even if you buy an ideal celery juicer, it's still possible to misuse it. So, be sure to check out our guide on proper celery juicing technique to ensure you get optimal value out of each stick.