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Domestic Blenders

Domestic blenders are kitchen appliances that are designed for everyday use, ideal for blending and mixing a variety of ingredients, from smoothies to soups. They come in different sizes and styles, offering convenience and versatility for home cooks. Powerful and stylish, we have blenders to suit everyone!

Why choose a

Domestic Blender?

Domestic blenders are designed especially for everyday use and are a versatile addition to your home kitchen. Our range of domestic blenders are perfect for creating a variety of culinary creations including sauces, soups, plant milks, frozen desserts, nut pastes and even grinds herbs.

When blending you maintain all the fiber that you would typically lose when using a juicer making it a great addition for people aiming for a fiber-rich diet.

Our domestic blenders make it super easy to consume fruit and vegetables to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Create delicious smoothies by blending fruit and leafy greans and reach your daily nutritional goal! 

Top Domestic Blender Brands


Blendtec is a renowned brand of high-performance blenders, known for their power, durability, and versatility. With a rich history of innovation, Blendtec excel at blending absolutely anything, with no need for thawing or pre-chopping, making them a top choice for professional-grade blending in the kitchen.

KitchenAid is a very well-established brand. With roots still firmly in the USA, KitchenAid is renowned for centring their 100 years of expertise around the production of industry-leading appliances. KitchenAid has fantastic products ranging from stand mixers to hand blenders and are perfect for anyone from chef to novice.

Vitamix creates some of the best commercial and domestic blenders within the industry. With a story that started back in 1921, they have over 100 years of expertise and knowledge. You can rest assured that Vitamix covers all professional service and home kitchen equipment needs.


Arguably one of the best-known juicer brands worldwide, Omega have cultivated a large following over the years. Their outstanding reputation has been well-earned through renowned inventions, high quality and immaculate attention to detail, earning them the position of having some of the most popular juicers and blenders of all time.

Hand Blenders

Also called immersion or stick blenders, these are versatile kitchen tools ideal for effortless food preparation. With a compact design and a range of attachments, they excel at tasks like pureeing, blending and chopping, making them essential for any cook.

Commercial Blenders

Robust and high-capacity blending machines tailored for professional kitchens, hotels, bars or any food service environment. Commercial blenders are heavy-duty appliances, designed to handle large volumes of ingredients effectively and consistently.

Vacuum Blenders

A superb choice of blending equipment for keeping the nutritional content within your smoothies. By establishing a vacuum seal, oxidation is prevented before blending, resulting in a velvety-smooth consistency for your beverages and enhanced flavour.

Blender Accessories

Add-on components to extend your blender’s capabilities. This page includes attachments, utensils and even vacuum storage. These accessories provide versatility and customisation for a broader range of recipes and are essential for both home and professional kitchens.