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Vacuum Blenders

Vacuum blenders represent a superb choice of blending equipment for keeping the nutritional content within your smoothies. Their primary function, as indicated by their name, involves establishing a vacuum seal to inhibit oxidation prior to the blending process. This results in a velvety-smooth consistency for your beverages and enhances their overall flavour. It also preserves your juices vibrant, natural colours that would otherwise fade due to oxidation.

Why choose a

Vacuum Blender?

Vacuum blenders are the perfect addition to any health-conscious household. These blenders remove any air from the container before blending; significantly reducing oxidation and maintaining your ingredient’s natural flavours, vibrant colours and nutritional content. Your delicious juice result will be smoother, creamier and have a longer shelf life.

Enjoy greater contents of vitamins and antioxidants in your juice when using a vacuum blender in comparison to a traditional blender.

Top Vacuum Blender Brands


Kuvings is a brand with an exceptional reputation and is well-known for its unique and innovative wide-feed juicers. Kuvings developed this style over decades of experience and knowledge and it has proven to be extremely popular worldwide. Kuvings is now branching out and ever-expanding its range of premium products.


Sage is known as a brand that consistently produces top-quality appliances. Sage’s outstanding reputation means it has earned its way to the top for a variety of products. Being globally known for their high-powered blenders and centrifugal juicers, Sage work relentlessly to give their products a unique edge every time.


Vidia is an innovative brand known for its modern juicing solutions, offering a range of high-quality products designed to enhance everyday juicing. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, Vidia offers a diverse range of horizontal juicers and blenders, catering to the needs of all health enthusiasts.


Tribest, a well-established brand, is recognised for crafting an impressive variety of juicers, blenders and dehydrators. Leveraging their extensive experience, they have ventured beyond conventional approaches, innovatively infusing their products with fresh perspectives to deliver outstanding results.

Domestic Blenders

The kitchen appliance for everyday use, ideal for blending and mixing a variety of ingredients, from smoothies to soups. They come in different sizes and styles, offering convenience and versatility for home cooks.

Hand Blenders

Also called immersion or stick blenders, these are versatile kitchen tools ideal for effortless food preparation. With a compact design and a range of attachments, they excel at tasks like pureeing, blending and chopping, making them essential for any cook.

Commercial Blenders

Robust and high-capacity blending machines tailored for professional kitchens, hotels, bars or any food service environment. Commercial blenders are heavy-duty appliances, designed to handle large volumes of ingredients effectively and consistently.

Blender Accessories

Add-on components to extend your blender’s capabilities. This page includes attachments, utensils and even vacuum storage. These accessories provide versatility and customisation for a broader range of recipes and are essential for both home and professional kitchens.