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Globally known, Magimix produces exceptional food processors, blenders and juicers. Magmix specialises in producing the highest quality kitchen appliances and has done so for over 50 years. Knowing exactly how to manufacture appliances to meet user requirements and with many accessories to expand each appliance's versatility, it's understandable why Magmix is such a trusted, leading brand.

Food Processors

Highly versatile with incredible accessory selections and top performance, Magimix food processors make ideal kitchen companions.

Domestic Blenders

Offering powerful blending performance for great results, Magimix's range of domestic blenders are versatile, compact and reliable.

Centrifugal Juicer

High speed, user-friendly juicing is the heart of the Juice Expert 3, and it has been designed to provide many years of quality juice.


To ensure their products can create an array of results, Magimix offer a selection of accessories for use with their processors and blenders.