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The Benefits of Using ​Aloe Vera Juice

The Aloe plant is a succulent, that has a number of uses for medicinal and decretive purposes. You can buy it in many forms such as gel, juice and plant form. Creating Aloe Vera juice at home couldn’t be simpler when you have a cold press juicer. Filled with vitamins A, B, C and E, minerals, enzymes, sugar, amino acids, salicylic acids, lignin and saponins, aloe juice is a powerhouse.

Alkalises the Body

It can be very easy for our bodies to become more acidic than alkaline, this is because a lot of foods, especially processed foods are acidic. If your body is more acidic and you don’t have a balanced PH, you can actually contract viruses and bacteria a lot easier. Aloe Vera juice can help make our system more alkaline by reducing the harmful impact of the foods causing acidity. To try and keep a balanced PH use a simple acid to alkaline ratio of 1:4 and this will help your bodies immune system.

Promotes Skin Health

Aloe juice is very hydrating and it has a decent amount of potassium causing it to boost energy levels. Hydration is so important when it comes to skin health, as you will find your skin subtle and soft if you are always well hydrated.

Not only does it hydrate the body, but aloe vera gel is commonly used as after sun because it has soothing and accelerated healing properties. It can also help treat eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, stretch marks, acne scars and skin ulcers. You can use aloe juice as a moisturiser as it dries instantly without feeling greasy.


Aloe vera juice can help flush away any unwanted toxins in the body, as the juice has hepatoprotection properties, which prevents any damage and stimulates the liver. Uronic acid is present in aloe juice and can eliminate toxins within cells.

Healthy Digestive System

Having regular bowel movements is crucial to a good digestion system and aloe vera juice encourages good gut bacteria, which helps you go to the toilet more often.

As we have already mentioned aloe vera has soothing properties and it can help soothe and cure stomach ulcers.

Immune System Boost

Having a healthy immune system is going to make your life much easier as you won’t get as sick in winter. Amla is a rich vitamin C that contains 8 times more vitamin C than an orange. This antioxidant is potent in aloe vera and when consumed it can help inflammation and skin health.

Oral Health

Use aloe vera juice as a mouthwash as it can eliminate bacteria that builds up in the mouth. This helps reduce bad breath, plaque and mouth ulcers. If you make your own aloe vera juice, this will have no alcohol like other standard mouthwashes, making it safe to swallow. Having good smelling breath is a bonus, but it can also help gum disease.

Juicing Aloe Vera

If you are growing your own aloe, you need to make sure you buy only the Aloe vera species. Wash your Aloe leaves and place straight into a juicer, drink immediately or if you are using it for other purposes, store in an airtight container for up to a week.