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The Best Juicers for Juicing Celery

Celery is a very versatile vegetable and it offers many benefits from a fitness and body health perspective. For a long time it has been renowned as a great healthy eating ingredient due to its low calorific content and very fibrous structure. As a result it is often known as being ‘calorie neutral’, making it a great snack for anyone looking to lose weight.

How to Juice Celery

However, now public interest in celery is growing further and recently it has become a key ingredient for juice and smoothie fanatics worldwide. So, why is it such a must have ingredient and what are the best devices available for juicing it?

The Health Benefits of Celery

Consuming celery provides many different benefits to the body and as an ingredient it offers access to a wide array of useful vitamins and chemicals. One of the biggest advantages comes through the abundant amount of Vitamin K found within celery. Vitamin K is an important chemical for bone health and injury healing and multiple studies have shown that it is directly involved in the production of 4 proteins needed for blood to clot effectively. It also works alongside Vitamin D to ensure calcium reaches the bones, allowing for their proper development.

On top of this celery has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory advantages due to its phytosterol content. This helps within symptoms including: bloating, acid reflux, acne, eczema and IBS as well as many other common inflammation issues.

Why Juice Celery?

So, it’s clear that consuming celery has many advantages, but what is the best way to access these many benefits? Well, if you were considering cooking it more often in meals then you may wish to reconsider as cooking at high temperatures will cause many of the useful vitamins and minerals in celery to denature or simply diffuse out of it, rendering it much less useful.

Instead its advised to consume celery in a raw format. However, this doesn’t mean you have to eat endless sticks of it to benefit. You can also process it with either a juicer or a blender to make a juice or smoothie rich in useful vitamins.

While both of these options are good, in the case of celery, we advise juicing it instead of blending it. Smoothies offer the advantage of fibre, which helps the body to process sugar at a more gradual rate. However, since celery contains little to no sugar this advantage is nullified. Instead drinking it in juice format allows the body to benefit very quickly as there is no need for it to be digested first.

Which Juicers are the Best?

When it comes to juicing celery there is a big gap between juicers that are good at it and those that aren’t. For the most part we advise staying away from any centrifugal juicers and even vertical masticating juicers. While both of these classes can extract some juice they do struggle and if even slightly overfed the fibres that make up celery can very easily clog and damage the juicing components.

In place of these juicer styles we recommend sticking with horizontal style masticating juicers. This includes both single augur models and twin gear models. These styles typically always fair better with celery as the fibres don’t clog as easily. They are also able to exert more pressure, allowing for even the tougher nutrients and vitamins to be extracted.

Horizontal Juicers to Consider

So, you now know that a horizontal masticating juicer is the best option for getting the most out of your celery, but with so many options on the market where should you start? Well, there are a lot of great options, but we’ll begin our suggestions at the top with the very best option money can buy.

Angel Juicers

The Angel juicer brand has become renowned for producing the best juicers in the world in terms of juice yield performance and nutrient extraction. The term bone dry pulp is thrown around a lot in this industry, but with any of the 3 available Angel models this really is the case and that’s all thanks to their fully stainless steel design.

The use of such a premium material throughout these juicers allows them to exert a huge amount of pressure onto ingredients. Efficiently extracting even the most difficult to reach nutrients with ease, which simply cannot be achieved by any other juicer.

Green Star Elite

While the Angel range definitely takes the top spot another great option comes in the form of Green Star’s Elite juicer. Available for nearly half the price of even the cheapest Angel, the GSE is a very enticing option for anyone looking for a high performance juicer. Its unique pulp processing mechanism allows it to extract large amounts of nutrients from ingredients, ensuring that high value is gained with every use.

Omega TWN30

Our final twin gear model, the Omega TWN30 strikes a fine balance between the slightly more budget friendly single augur devices and the premium twin gear models. In terms of performance it does very well, but generally isn’t quite as good as the Angel or GSE models. However, it still outperforms all single augur devices, making it an enticing option for anyone seeking a twin gear option without spending a much larger sum.

Sana 707 & 606

Sitting at the top of the single augur horizontal juicer pile are the Sana 707 and 606 models. Both of these devices make for an excellent alternative to the twin gear options listed and they benefit from being not only cheaper, but also easier to use and clean. They also have a flair of design that sets them apart from most twin gear models, so if a good looking juicer is important for you, it’s hard to go wrong with either the 707 or 606.

Hurom GH Chef

Falling into a very similar spot as the Sana juicers, the Hurom GH Chef is another fantastic single augur juicer. In fact because Hurom manufacture the Sana models the GH Chef matches them exactly for performance and uses many similar components. However, its real advantage over the above 2 models comes in a cheaper overall price, which is provided without a sacrifice on juicing results or style.

Hurom DU

Our final celery juicer recommendation comes in the form of another Hurom. However, this one is even cheaper than the previously mentioned GH Chef. As a super budget option the DU is very impressive and it allows anyone to have access to a quality juicer instead of depending on unreliable Chinese models. Due to its price it should come as no surprise that the DU doesn’t provide quite the same level of performance as some of our other recommendations, but it will still perform to a higher standard than can be achieved through other juicer styles.