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​The Best Vegetables to Juice

Vegetables aren’t everyone's favourite and getting your kids to eat them can be next to impossible. Vegetables should play a big part in your juices, as they have very little sugar and provide nutrients that can boost your immune system. It can be hard to figure out what vegetables can complement a juice without being too overpowering.

You also want to be choosing vegetables that produce the best yield and taste. Most vegetables can be juiced, but high water content veggies are ideal for making the base of your juice and leafy greens act as a nutrients booster.


This one has a very high water content at 95%, which makes it perfect for creating a base. A cucumber is great for hydration as well as other benefits, including vitamin C and beta-carotene which help fight free radicals and potassium can reduce any risks of a stroke. Try mixing it up and use different types of cucumbers, remember you can always grow your own.


This vegetable the most popular ingredient to juice as it can add colour and complement any fruits or vegetables you decide to add to your juice. Carrots contain a whole host of vitamins and minerals, unfortunately, they do not make you see in the dark. However, that myth isn’t all false as these orange vegetables contain beta-carotene which does promote good eye health.

If you want your kids to eat this vegetable, putting it in a juice will not be a problem as it has a very mild flavour that can be easily covered up with fruit.


This veggie is used by the health enthusiast as it can reduce cholesterol, strengthen bones and help keep bodies lean. The taste can be a bit off-putting if you don’t pair it with the correct fruits, so be sure to juice apples, pears and berries to get the best flavour.

Sweet Potato

A natural sweetener, that doesn’t contain that much sugar! Yes, you can sweeten your juices with sweet potato and they will taste delicious. Rich in iron and magnesium, this vegetable will release sugar into your bloodstream slowly, this will prevent any spikes in your blood sugar levels. Allowing you to have energy throughout most of the day.


Just like cucumber, celery has a 95% water content which makes it great for juicing and a good base. These vegetables may look unappealing, but they actually contain very high amounts of vitamin K, A, C and folate. Celery leaves also contain high amounts of potassium. Juicing celery couldn’t be simpler, just snap into four sections and juice with apple and mango.


Not always the most loved vegetable, but this leafy green contains a very high amount of vitamin K, which is vital for bone health. Many people add this to a green juice because it's very low in calories and can add a fantastic dark green colour. You will need to juice this leafy green with something sweet, try juicing pineapple to balance out the earthy taste.