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Brod & Taylor Sahara 7-Tray Folding Dehydrator in Black

Brod & Taylor Sahara Dehydrating Sheet UltraSharp Utility Knife Ingredient Preparation Board
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As the first-ever foldable food dehydrator, the Brod & Taylor Sahara is an excellent solution for dehydrating enthusiasts with limited storage space. Built to take dehydrator technology to the next level, the Sahara offers premium dehydration quality and features together with its unique design for an ultimate combination. Furthermore, it comes as a standard with 7 PTFE drying sheets for each of the 7 trays.

Dehydrator Features

  • Temperature range of 30°C - 74°C (85°F - 165°F)
  • Folds flat into a compact package
  • 99-hour digital dual-stage timer
  • Quiet operation noise levels
  • Toughened glass hinged doors
  • Included drip tray and storage case
  • Twin heating element for increased efficiency
  • Washable and reusable air filter (2 spares included)
  • Made from BPA Free plastics and stainless steel

Dehydrator Overview

Unique Foldable Design

Undoubtedly, one of the best features of the Brod & Taylor Sahara food dehydrator is its innovative foldable design. This makes storing the dehydrator immensely more convenient, as it folds down to a compact and slim package that can be tucked away in several different storage spaces.

This is incredibly valuable when compared to other dehydrators on the market. By nature, dehydrators are very bulky, and they demand a lot of space to be available constantly. However, the Sahara is much more flexible in terms of the space it requires.

Dual Stage Dehydrating

Beyond its foldable design, the Sahara food dehydrator also offers some very impressive features and drying performance. Notably, it can be set to work in 2 separate stages for optimal results across a wide range of different products from jerky to fruit leather.

Each of the 2 stages can be set to operate at separate temperatures and they can even be configured to run from anywhere between 15 minutes to 99 hours. Then, at the culmination of the 2nd stage, the dehydrator will be automatically deactivated.

Efficient Operation

The Sahara also benefits from an efficiency advantage that gives it an edge over other dehydrators on the market. Its twin heating element plays a big part in this, as the 2nd element will automatically shut off when it isn’t needed.

This feature has been tweaked perfectly to ensure it does not impact the quality and speed of the dehydration process. Yet it remains impactful in keeping running costs down as much as possible.

High-Quality Construction

Moving on from its more technical features, the Brod & Taylor Sahara dehydrator is built to a very high standard with premium materials such as glass, steel and BPA Free plastic. All 7 of its dehydrating trays are made of stainless steel, ensuring great durability over time and even dehydrating across all the available surface.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Brod & Taylor
Number of Trays:
Temperature Range:
30������C - 74������C
750 W
3 Years
5.8 KG


36.5 cm
28.0 cm
56.2 cm

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