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Excalibur RES10 10 Tray Food Dehydrator in Black


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Product Description

Excalibur RES10 Food Dehydrator

Knowing what’s in your food is more important than ever nowadays and the Excalibur RES10 helps anyone keep on track of a healthy diet. From fruit leathers to jerky, Excalibur has made it easy for you to dehydrate 2 different types of ingredients at once. With two individual drying chambers, each with their own fan and thermostat, it is a great way to produce lots of different healthy snacks without the need to keep preparing your ingredients after one batch has finished. Basically, you’re getting the benefits of 2 dehydrators in 1 well-designed package. On top of that, the RES10 has 10 trays, giving it a huge capacity, a temperature range of 29°C - 74°C and 30 available unique recipe slots. 

Key Features

  • 99-hour timer
  • Dual individual fans
  • 2 temperature settings
  • Temperature ranges from 29.4°C - 74°C
  • 2 Drying chambers, which can be controlled separately
  • 10 available drying trays
  • 30 programmable recipe slots to easily access customised settings
  • Paralexx Horizontal AirFlow technology, for more efficient drying

Product Video

Dehydrating Stops Food From Spoiling

We get asked this question a lot but the short answer is that dehydrating will prolong the shelf life of your ingredients. One of the reasons why food goes bad is because moisture that is present in food facilitates bacteria growth, this moisture causes food to go mouldy. Using a dehydrator will remove water from the food by a continuous circulation of thermostatically-controlled warm air. The process of dehydrating is also a great way to control what you’re putting in your food and removes the need to worry about unnecessary additives or preservatives. 

2 Drying Chambers

If your looking to bulk dehydrate the RES10 offers a unique dual drying zone, which makes dehydrating different types of ingredients easy and simple. Each zone can be set for different temperatures and durations.


Many round dehydrators cannot distribute heat as evenly as Excalibur dehydrators, resulting in a less controlled drying environment, an increase in time to dry, constant maintenance due to  frequent tray re-stacking and cleaning due to spillages.


Simple Temperature Settings 

With a digital thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature, ranging from 29.4°C to 74°C, which makes raw cooking super easy as you can preserve active enzymes and nutrients within the ingredient. You can also dehydrate meat, fish and pet treats at high temperatures to make them safe to consume. The 99-hour timer is super handy to set timers and temperatures throughout the drying process. So you can leave the RES10 knowing that it will shut off or change temperatures automatically. The RES10 also has a handy memory system that will allow you to save 30 different recipes. This means that you’ll have instant access to customized settings for any foods you’ve dehydrated in the past.

Parallax Airflow 

The RES10 provides 10 trays of dehydrating space which allows ingredients to be dried equally, no matter their position on the trays. Excalibur uses Parallax horizontal airflow which makes heat flow from the back horizontally across the trays, ensuring uniform drying results. Many cheap dehydrators struggle to distribute heat evenly, this means more maintenance due to frequent tray re-stacking. The clear double doors also provide a great viewing window to check how your ingredients are getting on.


Comparison of the different Excalibur Models


Excalibur Overview Video

Technical Specifications

  • Model: RES10
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 406x305x457
  • Weight (Kg): 9.6
  • Power (Watts): 550
  • Number of Trays: 9
  • Temperature Range: 29ºC - 74ºC (105ºF - 165ºF)
  • Warranty: 5 Years Domestic, 1 Year Commercial

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