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Free Kuhn Rikon 5 Piece Knife Set With Knife Block

Free Kuhn Rikon 5 Piece Knife Set With Knife Block

This free knife set on select items is a great way to chop up your fruit and vegetables in preparation for that juice or smoothie your are planning on making. The knives included with this set will also undoubtedly suit the chef in you with a 5 different types of knives included. Not only do you get the knives but you also get a great quality knife block which allows you to store your knives to keep them in pristine condition and you can display them on kitchen worktop. We especially like them as they are vibrant in colour. This is one thing that Kuhn Rikon are renowned for as well as their Swiss quality and design.

Knives Included

  • Chef’s Knife (30.2cm - Blue)
  • Bread Knife (32.7cm - Orange)
  • Santoku Knife Small (22.4cm - Green)
  • Utility Knife (23cm - Yellow)
  • Pairing Knife (19.2cm - Fuchsia)
  • Block Vision (Black)

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