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Frucosol F-50A Commercial Citrus Juicer in Stainless Steel

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Frucosol F50 A Automatic Commercial Citrus Juicer

The Frucosol F50 A Automatic Citrus Juicer is a capable and efficient citrus juice extractor that has been designed for scenarios with an average juice demand. A perfect option for bars, cafes and restaurants, the F50 A is able to juice up to 25 fruits in a minute and can produce upwards of 1.5 litres of juice in that time. It is also equipped with a hygienic and durable Stainless Steel body and a high capacity feeder that can hold up to 12kg of fruit for long periods of automatic juicing.

Key Features

  • Juices up to 25 fruits per minute
  • Can juice fruit sized up to 85mm
  • Can produce up to 1.5l of juice per minute
  • Built out of Stainless Steel
  • Fast automatic citrus juicing
  • Suitable for medium juice requirement scenarios
  • Easy to clean

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User Friendly Design

The Frucosol F50 A has many features that allow it to provide an easy user experience in a tough commercial environment. Among these, one of the most useful is the high capacity fruit feeder, which can hold up to 12kg of fruit. This equates to about 50 oranges and allows the juicer to work automatically for long periods of time without the need for a refill.

The F50 A is also made of Stainless Steel, which makes it easy to clean between shifts while providing it with considerable strength against knocks and day to day use. As an added bonus this Stainless Steel finish looks great and helps this to juicer to feel very professional.

Fast Commercial Juicing

Alongside a well thought out design, the Frucosol F50 A also excels at juicing at a high pace and it can juice up to 25 fruits per minute and typically produces upward of 1.5 litres in that time. This is achieved by a simple system that puts fruits under the perfect amount of pressure to extract lots of juice without pushing out bitter skin oils.

Easy Cleaning

Often cleaning a commercial device can prove to be tough, but the F50 A has been optimised for it with a smart part setup. This unique setup allows the parts to be removed very easily in less than a minute, ensuring that cleaning between shifts isn’t a time consuming process.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: F50 A
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 47 x 62 x 78.5
  • Feeder Capacity: 50
  • Fruits per Minute: 20 - 25
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Commercial)
  • Wattage: 460
  • Weight (kg): 56

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