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Gastroback Design BBQ Advanced Smart - 62542

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The most supreme BBQ, the Gastroback Design BBQ Advanced Smart is here! This BBQ has larger grilling surfaces, steak cooking options and 6 additional pre-set temperatures. Upgraded to be top of the industry and far above its competitors, this grill is essential for any home that is looking to take grilling to the next level! 

Key Features

  • 4 Steak Settings and Auto Time Adjustment

  • Low-Fat Function

  • Fast Cooking

  • Large Grill Surface

  • Easy To Clean

4 Steak Settings and Auto Time Adjustment

Cooking steak has never been so simple with the pre-set steak buttons, simply choose between rare, medium rare, medium and well done. Not only can you choose a pre-set for your steak but the smart technology within the grill automatically adjusts the time of cooking depending on how thick the cut of meat is. Other pre-set temperature programmes include poultry, burger, bratwurst, sandwich, fish and manual mode.

Low-Fat Function

The low-fat function is available across all 3 of the BBQs in this range and makes it possible to barbecue and grill without any added oil or fat. The non-stick coating applied to the grills itself makes it possible to cook without oil and allows the excess grease from the food to drip off into the grease tray attachment. 

Fast Cooking

The BBQ plates come with 7 heat levels ranging from 150 to 210 degrees and the flat grill has 10 heat levels ranging from 150 to 240 degrees. Drawing power of 2000 watts means ultra-fast cooking is possible with these integrated heat plates. As an added bonus, the plates are interchangeable but the heat still stays no matter which plate attachment you add!

Large Grill Surface

Unfolding the grill results in a larger surface area to cook on with a total space of 2235cm². Individually, the BBQ grill has approximately 1490cm² of surface area and the flat grill has approximately 745cm² of surface area. This means the BBQ grill is perfect for family events or larger groups of people and also for single use if you wish to cook smaller batches of food.

Easy To Clean

The grill plates and grease tray are removable and can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Alternatively, you can rinse with water due the anti-stick surface and easily store away due to its compactability.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Stainless Steel
2 Years
5.3 KG


50.0 cm
17.0 cm
37.7 cm

Box Contents

1 x BBQ Base 2 x Grill plates 1 x Grease tray 1 x User manual

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