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KitchenAid K150 5KSB1325BOB Blender in Onyx Black

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The KitchenAid 5KSB1325 K150 is a compact yet capable blender specialised for the production of smoothies and frozen drinks. Perfect for more casual users, it offers intuitive controls and some great features to provide a great blending experience.

Blender Features

  • Blending power of 0.9 horsepower
  • 3-speed variable control dial
  • Manual pulse/ice-crush control
  • Asymmetrical stainless steel blade
  • BPA free blending components
  • 1.4-litre blending container capacity
  • Die-cast metal dial construction
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Modern and stylish design

Blender Review

High-Performance Blending

In order to produce even blends, the K150 has been equipped with KitchenAid’s notorious asymmetrical blending blade. This style of blade has been designed to produce an ideal blending vortex, allowing ingredients to fold over each other for equal processing throughout.

This feature, in combination with the K150’s 0.9 horsepower motor allows it to easily blitz through tough ingredients such as ice in very little time. As a result, it offers an ideal set-up for making a range of smoothies and chilled drinks to a very high standard.

Lastly, the 5KSB1325 also benefits from a soft start feature, which causes the blade to increase in speed over a few seconds to reach the selected level. Not only does this reduce strain on the motor, but it also keeps splatter to a minimum, reducing wastage.

Durable Materials

Beyond its specialised blending ability, the KitchenAid K150 blender benefits from a sturdy build from a range of durable materials.

The 1.4-litre blending jug is made of hard-wearing BPA free plastic. This ensures it won’t leech chemicals when heated and its flexible nature prevents it from cracking when subjected to vibrations from the motor.

Additionally, the blending blade is made of stainless steel, ensuring it is resistant to damage and wear over time. The control dial is also made of metal, in the form of die-cast aluminium. As a result, both of the most heavily used parts are hard-wearing.

Modern Design

Last but not least, the 5KSB1325 sports a very clean and practical design. The interface is simple and intuitive, offering easy controls that are perfect for less experienced users.

The complete package is also very compact, making it an ideal fit for smaller kitchens with less available storage and worktop space.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


1.4 L
0.9 hp
650 W
2 Years
3.2 KGS


21.6 cm
37.6 cm
18.0 cm

Box Contents

1 x Blender Motor Base 1 x 1.4-Litre Blending Jug 1 x Blending Jug Lid

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