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Kuvings CS700 Wide Feed Commercial Slow Juicer

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The Kuvings CS700 is a commercial juicer of the highest quality in terms of its juicing performance and construction. Above all else, its use of stainless steel from the base up to the juicing bowl is incredibly impressive and gives the CS700 a definite edge over other commercial models. The stainless steel benefit also pairs exceptionally well with Kuvings’ renowned wide-feed technology for an ultimate combination that is perfectly suited to a busy service environment.

Juicer Features

  • Wide-feed juicing method
  • 88 mm feed chute diameter
  • Slow 60 RPM juicing speed
  • Stainless-steel juicing bowl
  • BPA free juicing parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Premium and durable design
  • Commercial standard motor

Wide-Feed Juicing

As with all Kuvings’ juicers, the CS700 benefits from a wide feed chute, which allows for the feeding of larger chunks of produce. This helps to save a lot of time on ingredient preparation, and even allows for some ingredients to be juiced whole. However, for the best yields and nutrient levels, some preparation is always recommended.

The wide feed chute in the CS700 also stands out for its flip-top design. This allows for ingredients to be quickly and safely deposited into the juicer to be pressed. It also allows for the chute’s diameter to be expanded to a very impressive 88 mm further increasing the CS700’s juicing versatility.

Quality Juice

Of course, a primary requirement for any commercial masticating juicer is to extract high yields of nutrient-rich juice from a variety of ingredients. Therefore, the CS700 has been designed to work at an optimal speed of 60 rotations per minute (RPM). This operation speed has enough power to work through large ingredients, but remains slow enough to extract plenty of juice from them.

Premium Construction

Beyond its juicing ability, the Kuvings CS700 also offers incredible build quality. In particular, the entirely stainless steel juicing bowl stands out here, and it’s certainly not a common feature. At a base level, it benefits from being rust and corrosion resistant, but it also prevents lasting odours and isn’t susceptible to discolouration when cared for correctly.

On top of the bowl, the other parts have also been machined to a very high standard from durable BPA free plastics. As a result, they are food-safe and won’t leach chemicals when heated, which is critical for any commercial model.

Optimised for Service

By nature, the CS700 is built to thrive in a service environment, and it exceeds standard expectations. Kuvings has ensured that the parts are easy to wash. The screen cleaning brush accessory plays a large role here, as it allows all sides of the screen to be brushed clean simultaneously, shaving minutes off of the cleaning process.

Commercial Design

To cap off its professional package the Kuvings CS700 offers an incredible commercial motor. It is designed to handle lots of use and can handle a full day of work without any issues.* Additionally, to ensure it is safe to handle and use, the base casing is made of stainless steel. This also provides the added perk of being easy to wipe down each day after service.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: CS700
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 260 x 183 x 515
  • Speed (RPM): 60
  • Warranty: 2 Years (Commercial)
  • Wattage: 200
  • Weight (kg): 9.1

* Please note that this juicer should only be used for a maximum period of 30 minutes continuously. This should then be followed with at least 15 minutes of cool down time before it is used again.

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