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Omega Sana EUJ-606 Horizontal Slow Juicer in Black with Oil Extractor

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Omega Sana EUJ-606 is a capable masticating juicer designed to offer great performance paired with a practical yet attractive design. Thanks to a pressure adjustment nozzle, it can be optimised to suit a range of ingredient types and its provided accessories expand its functions beyond just juicing.


Juicer Features

  • Juicing speed of 70 rotations per minute
  • Single augur juicing mechanism
  • Pulp pressure adjustment nozzle
  • 45 mm feed cute diameter
  • Included blank screen
  • BPA free juicing components
  • Modern and practical design
  • Power-efficient 200-watt motor

Juicer Overview


Single Augur Slow Juicing

Operating at a steady speed of 70 rotations per minute, the Omega Sana EUJ-606 uses a single augur mechanism to grind and press ingredients. This combination allows it to successfully extract high juice yields while retaining nutrient levels for vitamin and mineral-rich results.

It is also able to work with and process a wide variety of ingredients including leafy greens, celery, root vegetables and firm fruits. This ensures that it can be of use in many scenarios from meeting the demands of juice enthusiasts through to more casual applications.

Pressure Adjustment Function

In combination with its single augur mechanism, the Sana EUJ-606 has been kitted out with a pressure adjustment nozzle. This allows for a user to vary the pressure level exerted to best suit different ingredient types, maximising yields and nutrient extraction.

Using higher pressure is recommended when working with low yield ingredients such as leafy greens or celery, as it ensures deep juice extraction. However, when working with juice rich ingredients such as apples or oranges, a lower pressure level should be used to avoid a backlog.

Versatile Accessories

Alongside its juicing related features, Sana has also equipped the EUJ-606 with a solid array of accessories. Included among these are a pusher, cleaning brush, juice container and pulp container, but more notably they have also included a blank screen and a selection of accompanying nozzles.

Through the use of this screen, the EUJ-606 can be used for functions beyond just juicing, allowing it to mix and mash ingredients instead. As a result, it can be used to produce a range of foods such as pasta, breadcrumbs, sorbet and nut butter to name a few.

High-Quality Materials

Beyond its flashier features, the Sana EUJ-606 is also built to an brilliant standard from a range of high-quality durable materials. Through a combination of stainless steel and hard-wearing BPA-free plastics such as Tritan and Ultem, it offers plenty of durability against the pressure exerted during the juicing process.

Practical Design

To round out the package it offers, the Omega Sana EUJ-606 has been designed with both style and practicality in mind. Featuring a large handle, its easy to carry and move around, yet the handle doesn’t detract from its aesthetic and has been shaped and styled as part of the body’s character.

Oil Extractor Upgrade

Expanding the EUJ-707's versatility even further, the Sana oil extractor attachment is ideal for production of homemade cold press oils from a range of nuts and seeds, including:

  • Almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts
  • Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, poppy seeds
  • Rapeseed
  • Evening primrose
  • Black cumin
  • Coconut (dehydrated shreds)

Offering high pressure extraction, it allows for the production of artisan oils with boosted flavour and nutritional value when compared to their store bought equivalents. It can also be used to create oatmeal flakes from whole oats.

Made entirely from stainless steel and aluminium, the attachment is designed to handle the tough task of oil extraction without the risk of it cracking or breaking, while adding to the overall quality of the package offered by the EUJ-707.

Oil Attachment Overview

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


70 RPM
200 W
5.7 kg
10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)


18.3 cm
32.0 cm
48.4 cm
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Sana omega 606

    Very happy with this product. Highly recommended! (Buying another one for my Mom!)

    Posted by Sebastian on 19th Nov 2020