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Omega Vert VRT400 HDS Slow Juicer Silver

This Model has been discontinued, please see latest Omega VRT452HDS Slow Juicer

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Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Juicer Silver

The latest release from the world famous Omega brand, the Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Juicer is an all-new upgrade of an existing model. Created as an improvement to the extremely popular Omega VRT 350, the Omega VERT VRT400 is just as good as its predecessor. Here at, we’re firm fans of both the Omega VERT 350 and the latest design, the Omega VERT VRT400. Both juicers provide an extremely efficient way to create your juice, slashing the time taken to produce a large sized cold press juice in half when their performance was compared to a horizontal masticating machine. What’s even better is their simplicity when it comes to taking them apart and putting them back together again. The Omega juicers can be used 2 or 3 times every day thanks to their user-friendly design so if you’re following a heavily juice oriented diet or having a detox plan, they’re the ideal choice.

Just like the older Omega juicer, the Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Juicer operates at a very low speed, rotating at just 70 RPM to make sure that no heat is applied to the juice. The additional benefit of this is that with the Omega VERT VRT400, little or no foaming occurs either, unlike a more conventional dual gear juicer. And of course, backing up this top quality performance is the usual magnificent 15 year Omega warranty which is fully serviced within the UK. Your Omega will become such an integral aspect of your life you’ll wonder how you managed without it before!


Video of product 

Comparing the Omega VERT VRT350 HD to the all-new Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Juicer

Reasons to buy the Omega VERT VRT400

Here are just some of the reasons why you should invest in an Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Juicer ahead of any of the other juicers in the market:

  • Unique Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) makes sure that not a single scrap of goodness escapes the juicing process, allowing the juice to be collected easily and packed full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Getting maximum juice from the minimum input of produce, it’s the vertical styled design which means that every shred of goodness is squeezed out
  • Automatic Wiping System (AWS) mirrors the system seen on the Humon Vertical Juicer, with a silicon wiping blade which makes sure that the screen for juicing remains as free of pulp as possible. This easy clearing system allows the transfer of far more juice and also makes it easy to clean the screen.
  • Two stage juicing provides a far greater juice yield, maximising the amount of juice collected from even a small amount of fruit or vegetables. In the first step of the process the produce is crushed, extracting a lot of juice. But before the pump is then ejected automatically, it is comprehensively pressed; this makes sure that every last drop is collected and that the pulp leaves the machine almost totally dry
  • Superior juice yield when compared to a centrifugal styled ejection juicer, based on the tests we’ve carried out.
  • Cost effective. With the all-new Omega you’ll be able to get the maximum juice yield from the minimum produce amount
  • Better quality juice. You will notice a difference in the juice that’s produced compared to other high speed juicers. The juice won’t separate and there will be no foaming or frothing. The nutritional content will also be much better, with more of the valuable enzymes, vitamins and minerals preserved. And of course there’s the taste; with the Omega the juice will taste far fresher and full of flavour
  • Self-cleaning mechanism. Once you’ve finished juicing, simply pour a glass of water in and run it through the machine to complete the self-cleaning process. This allows rapid cleaning between juices, very convenient if you want to juice several different fruits and vegetables and don’t want to combine them
  • Compact size. The Omega VERT VRT400 combines the power and performance capabilities of a larger masticating two stage single auger juicer with less room taken up than even a standard horizontal juicer
  • Super strong. GE-Ultem is a material recognised as being 8 times as strong. This tough material is used to manufacture the patented auger.
  • Leafy greens can be juiced using the Omega VERT VRT400 HDS Juicer provided they are combined with fruit and vegetables which are harder. If you’re searching for a juicer which will juice leafy greens on their own you would be better off purchasing a more traditional horizontal masticating juicer.


Using the new juice flap

An all-new juice valve on the Omega VERT VRT400 means that it’s now possible to mix the juice prior to serving it as well as getting rid of foam, drips and spillages onto the kitchen surface. The juice flap gives the ability to retain water for cleaning inside as desired, enabling the silicon blades to carry out the majority of the work before you take the juicer apart.

Technical specifications

  • Silver/black colour
  • 250mm L x 170mm W x 400mm H
  • 70 RPM
  • 15 year warranty
  • 5.2kg unboxed weight

NB: The model in the UK is labelled the Omega VRT402; this is 100% the same juicing machine, the only difference being the voltage in the motor.

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