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Sage SBL820SHY the Q Blender in Grey

£419.95 UltraSharp Utility Knife Ingredient Preparation Board
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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Sage themselves have engineered this blender to a commercial level of quality for your home kitchen. Boasting an extremely capable 2400Watt motor, resulting in 300km/h blade speed (under load) for those tougher ingredients or thicker blends. The Q™ also comes equipped with 4 one touch settings to make more common tasks quicker to set up and enjoy. There are also 5 speed increments should you want to blend in a fully manual style, which can also be interjected with pulses to fine tune the consistency to your exact taste. There is also the additional feature of the Q™ being compatible with the amazing Vac Q™ pump, which can add a whole new dimension to your blending experience. With the Q™ Blender teamed up with the Vac Q™ pump, all the air is extracted from the blending container before you start blending meaning that there is no air mixed into your blends; you are then left with smoother textures, brighter colours and richer tastes that truly need to be experienced to be believed.

Blender Features

  • Vac Q™ Compatible
  • 2400 Watt Heavy Duty Motor
  • Easily Make Hot Soups
  • Container Detect Technology (Sage only)
  • BPA Free + Dishwasher Safe Blending Container
  • Handy Measuring Cap included
  • Powerful enough to mill spices, nuts and coffee
  • 2.0L Blending Capacity

Blender Overview

All in one solution 

The Sage Q blender really is capable of taking the crown for best all-round blender on the market. At its current price point, there is little else that is capable of challenging this complete package in regard to the look, performance and durability of this blender. Finished in a Smoked Hickory stainless steel, the Q™ blender looks very professional and will match most modern kitchen aesthetics. The body lends itself to easy maintenance and care as the control panel features all rounded edges with no gaps or seams, this does not allow crumbs and splashes to fall into them. The coupling that links and connects the blade to the motor base has been made from a heavy-duty silicone and rubber composite, meaning that unwanted vibrations are absorbed into this coupling and you will also have an overall more stable and worry free blending experience. Now, the 4 one touch pre-programmed blend settings which are: Smoothie, Soup (Cold to Hot), Ice Crush and Green Smoothie have been created from the feedback of Sage customers. These 4 settings are deemed to be the most commonly used blend cycles and so Sage have refined them and included them on the Q™ Blender. The Ice Crush setting, coupled with Sages uniquely designed laser cut stainless steel blade, is even capable of creating fine homemade snow cones or simply for experimenting with. The cold to hot soup function is also a lifesaver if you need a tasty soup in a short time. And thanks to the stability of the base and the strength of the blending container, you can literally add the ingredients, set the program, walk away and return to a perfectly blended hot and ready to eat soup. The 2.0L BPA free blending container comes in at the perfect size for families and batch producing ingredients for later use. The same sturdy material has been used for the lid, but has been coupled with Sages Clip & Secure™ feature which can still vent steam whilst blending but the ring pull allows for quick and easy removal of the lid, especially if the jar is under vacuum.

The Vac Q™ Vacuum Pump (Optional)

Even though it is an optional extra, the Vac Q™ Vacuum pump is a feature and function that sets this blender apart from the majority of the domestic blenders on the market today. It has been designed to work in sync with Sage’ Q and Super Q Blenders. This powerful little device attaches to the top of the 2L blending container and will extract every ounce of air within the container and from your ingredients before you blend. The advantage of this is that without oxygen being mixed into your food, your blends will taste and feel much more silky smooth. Another plus point is that whatever you create, can be stored for much longer, as there is no oxidation of the nutrients within the food. This extraction of oxygen does two things for your blend, the first being, it can provide a richer and fuller flavour in soups and smoothies alike, and secondly, the colour of the blend will appear more vibrant due to the natural colours remaining in the blend.


Technical Specifications

Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel

Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm): 210 x 270 x 460

Weight (kg): 6.1

Power (watts): 2400

Rotation Speed: 3000km/h

Warranty: 7 Year Repair, Replace or Refund Guarantee (at the sole discretion of Sage Appliances)

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