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Sage the Smart Grill Pro - BGR840BSS

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Sage’s The Smart Grill™ Pro is a 2400W grill that has the ability to detect the exact temperature of your meat and advise when it is ready to take off the heat, all fine-tuned based on your preference.  The PFOA-free plates where all the cooking happens are easily removable for cleaning and have an open BBQ mode so that you can essentially have a BBQ with The Smart Grill™ Pro.

Ideal Heating Element 

Sage’s The Smart Grill™ Pro comes with an innovative embedded heating element, the heating element is cast inside of the grill and griddle plate making it heat up faster which will allow you to start cooking quicker.  In addition, the grill and griddle plate also has an embedded thermostat which can detect even the smallest fluctuations in temperature ensuring that the grill cooks with consistently high heat at all times. 

Intuitive LCD Display

The Smart Grill™ Pro has an LCD display that has 5 settings which include Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, and Fish so you can easily select the type of meat you want to cook. A temperature probe is linked to the LCD screen so you know the temperature your chosen meat is cooking at and when to rest off cooking. You also have the option to choose how you want your meat cooked rare, medium rare, medium and well done.  There is a large surface area of 260 square inches of grilling and griddle space allowing you to cook more in less time. 


  • Element IQ® plate design 

  • Smart settings with rest indicators 

  • Integrated temperature probe

  • Open flat BBQ mode

  • Removable plates 

  • LCD display 

  • 5 cooking pre-sets - Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, and Fish

  • Adjustable plates 


Adjustable Plates

For further perfection, you can adjust the angle of the base plate to ensure that all fats can quickly drain into the drip tray and it is perfectly designed to cook flat eggs, pancakes etc making it very versatile.  You can also adjust the height of the top plate so that the toppings from your toasted sandwiches are not pressed out and you end with the perfect toasted sandwich.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Stainless Steel
2-Year Repair, Replace or Refund
9.9 KG


17.0 cm
39.2 cm
36.7 cm

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