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Juicers vs Blenders

There is a big difference in the consistency and properties of a juice and smoothie.

A juicer will chew up the fruit and vegetables to extract only the juice, leaving the fibrous- pulp behind. The benefits with this drink being our bodies get an instant nutrient-hit. There is no effort required to break down and digest the food as the lack of any fibres means our body can assimilate the nutrients in a matter of minutes and absorb the goodness with maximum efficiency.


A blender creates a smoothie by mixing the whole ingredients, including the fibre into a pulp. Fibre is an essential nutrient in itself and an important part of our diet; it helps to keep our guts moving and maintain a healthily digestive system. In addition, a smoothie can be made up of many additional superfoods, seeds and oils and can be an extremely nourishing and sustaining meal in itself.

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