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Veritable SMART Smart Home Garden in Soft Black

Veritable Celery Lingots��
Veritable Kale Lingots��
Veritable Oregano Lingots��
Veritable Pennyroyal Mint Lingots��
Veritable Romaine Lettuce Lingots��
Veritable Roquette Lingots
Veritable Chive Lingots�� (VLIN-A10-Cib004)
Veritable Thai Basil Lingots��
Veritable Thyme Lingots��
Veritable Icy Mint Lingots��
Veritable Italian Parsley Lingots
Veritable Rosemary Lingots��
Veritable Sage Lingots��
Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK
Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Veritable Smart is clever as its name because it has the inbuilt ability to automatically adjust the LED’s intensity depending on the surrounding light. This ensures that all four plants get the ideal amount and intensity of light to bring out the true flavours of the growing plants.


  • Autonomous plant growth

  • Adjustable lighting

  • Savorylight™ LED technology

  • Automatic watering

  • Water refill reminder light

  • Adapt’light™ technology

Autonomous Plant Growth

The Veritable Smart is a fully automated plant-growing process. It will automatically dispense water when needed, adjust the light intensity and even turn the light off after 16 hours so as to mimic the plants’ typical day and night cycle.  The only thing that you need to do is fill up the reservoir with water and that’s all.   

Savorylight™ Technology 

The lighting system for the Veritable® has been tested over 2500 times on 130 different plant species to determine the ideal wavelengths for plant growth. It has an exact concentration of blue and white LED lights which together make your plants grow quicker and make them taste flavourful. The LEDs are fitted with optical lenses to give optimum lighting and to ensure that 100% of the LED light goes in the garden.  

Adapt’light Technology

The Veritable Smart uses the Adapt’light Technology to ensure that the light sensors alter the intensity of the LED lights based on the surrounding light.  This is so that plants receive the perfect amount of light throughout the day between natural sunlight and LED light.

Automatic Watering

Water is dispensed automatically throughout the day to make sure that your plants have enough water and do not dry out. The 2-litre reservoir can hold enough water to automatically water your plants for up to 3 weeks without having to top up.  

Water Refill Reminder Light

When the water levels are starting to get low a blue indicator light will start to flash to alert you that the water needs to be topped up.  Growing fresh herbs, edible plants, and baby vegetables couldn’t be any easier.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Soft Black
1.5 KG


18.5 cm
45.0 cm
33.0 cm

Box Contents

1 x Veritable SMART 1 x Sweet Basil Lingot 1 x Curly Parsley Lingot 1 x Chive Lingot 1 x Cherry Tomato Or Thyme Lingot

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