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Bamix Superbox Hand Blender in Red

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Swiss engineered, the Bamix Superbox hand blender has quality performance and materials. The Superbox has a 200-watt motor which makes blending tough ingredients a breeze and bigger batches are blended consistently and efficiently. The stalk is made out of tactile materials and is simple to use with just two buttons to control it. With the Superbox, you will receive every kind of accessory to complete a range of cooking tasks.


Key Features

  • Swiss engineered
  • Ideal for large and small batches 
  • lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use and store
  • Up to 18,000 RPM 
  • 200-watt motor
  • Any kitchen task can be completed from mincing to grating
  • Practical storage stand and Mini food processor bowl included 
  • Four head attachments
  • Easy to clean
  • Bamix Slicesy with five blade attachments included 
  • All stainless steel blending wand 
  • Two speed setting

Product Overview



Weighing just 940g the Bamix Superbox blender fits comfortably into your hand making for the most natural operation possible. It’s easy to hold due to being lightweight, which means there is less stress and impact on your hands, wrist and arms. 

The Bamix Superbox is a very powerful appliance, with blending speeds of up to 18,000 RPM and a 200-watt motor. Even with all of this power the Superbox still has a quiet operation while blitzing through almost every ingredient. Cleaning is no fuss as you simply rinse the head of the hand blender under the tap until clean. 

It's also worth mentioning that the Bamix is completely safe to use in hot saucepans, as all the heads are double insulated for deep immersion into hot and cold liquids. Don’t worry about the contents of your blend splashing up out of the container as the attachments all have safety guards. The safety guards allow for optimal movement of the food being processed and no repetitive movements are needed when preparing. Also, all Bamix hand blenders use special vortex technology to create a safer and cleaner blending environment.


The Bamix Superbox blender comes with plenty of great accessories to make cooking as easy as possible. Within the box a practical storage stand with a tool holder is provided, this can be mounted on the wall for quick easy access. The addition of the Bamix wet and dry grinder means that you can produce tasty spice and herb mixes as well as ground nuts, garlic and onions.

The attachments that you receive with the Superbox will allow you to do a number of functions safely in small and fragile containers. The mincer blade can be used to make purees, smoothies and blends. It can also liquidise and mix a variety of ingredients consistently. The Bamix whisk blade performs whisking tasks with ease but it can also stir, emulsify and mash. You can even create your own mayonnaise with this blade.

The beater blade can be used to whip, beat, homogenise, cream, aerate and foam ingredients, which is perfect for all your baked goods. This blade has the ability to froth milk, which can be used to make the perfect coffee. You will also receive a meat and vegetable blade that chops and mince’s cooked or raw meat, vegetables or fish.

It's clear to see you can do a number of functions with Bamix Superbox including, beating eggs, mincing meat to making mayonnaise, ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes or soup.

The Superbox includes a one-litre BPA free plastic container and also has a handle and useful incremental measurements.

Not only will all those attachments come with the Bamix but as part of the Bamix Superbox package, you will also receive a Bamix SliceSy. This will turn your hand blender into a mini food processor. The SliceSy comes with five blade attachments that will grate and slice a number of different ingredients.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


12000 - 18000 RPM
200 W
0.9 kg
5 Years (Motor) 1 Year (Parts)


7.7 cm
34.5 cm
6.5 cm

Box Contents

1 x Hand Blender 1 x SwissLine Stand 1 x SliceSy Food Processor Kit 1 x Food Processor 1 x 1000ml Beaker 1 x Multi-Purpose Blade 1 x Whisk Blade 1 x Meat Mincer Blade 1 x Beater Blade

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