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​The Best Juicers for First Time Buyers

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Picking out a juicer is often a lot of fun, but with so many to choose from, selecting the best option for your needs isn’t always easy. So, here are our top juicer recommendations for upcoming juicing enthusiasts looking to get started without breaking bank.

Hurom HV Vertical Juicer

The Hurom HV is currently our cheapest available vertical juicer, but don’t worry, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing device. It serves as a big step up from previous generation Hurom models and is incredibly similar to the ever-popular Omega VSJ. Therefore, the HV really can compete at the top while remaining affordable.

One of the most appealing parts of the HV, is its great performance, which can match almost every other vertical juicer we sell. The motor turns at an incredibly slow 43 RPM, providing ingredients with plenty of contact time between the augur and screen. The more contact time there is between these two components and the ingredients, the higher the juice yield will be. On top of that, the HV has a dual winged augur that can extract much more juice than a single winged augur, and a pulp discharge control lever to facilitate higher juice yields with all ingredient types.

Finally, the HV is also made up of some seriously high-quality materials. The augur and screen are made of incredibly durable Ultem plastic and the screen filter elements are cut from stainless-steel. The use of such strong materials allows for the most crucial juicing components to remain in tact for a very long time without a risk of heavy wear and tear. Furthermore, all juicing components are BPA free, ensuring that there is no risk of chemical leeching.

Foodmatic Compact Horizontal Juicer

The Foodmatic juicer is the cheapest model of our three recommendations, yet it provides a lot of features and great performance nonetheless. In the box the Foodmatic is equipped with all the standard juicing components as well as a homogenising blank and 6 homogenising nozzles. The wide array of nozzles when combined with the blank, transform the Foodmatic into a multitool capable of producing nut butter, noodles, breadcrumbs and much more.

While it is great in terms of versatility, where the Foodmatic truly shines is in its compact and durable design. The key juicing components are made of BPA free GE Ultem or ABS plastics, all of which have been produced purely for functionality and are highly durable. The juicer body is also highly functional with its compact nature, which allows the Foodmatic to easily be manoeuvred when it is necessary.

One thing is for sure, don’t rule out the Foodmatic due to its price, this little juicer brings a lot to the table and it definitely can hold its own against bigger more expensive models. It operates at a steady 80 RPM and is capable of good juice extraction from all ingredient types. Furthermore, while the Foodmatic brand may be less known, it is worth noting that this juicer is actually the European version of the Omega CNC80. As a result, you can be sure that there is Omega standard quality throughout.

Kuvings C9500 Whole Fruit Juicer

The Kuvings C9500 is a very popular juicer, mainly thanks to its easy to use wide feed design. Having a wide feed chute with a 76mm diameter allows the C9500 to juice ingredients without the need for intense preparation. Therefore, it acts as an excellent time saver and proves to be insanely easy to use. However, when forced to its limits yields extracted aren’t always as good as they would be with better preparation.

Beyond being wide feed in nature, the C9500 is a great juicer overall. Its augur turns at a steady 60 RPM, providing it with enough speed to press large ingredients while remaining slow enough to extract good yields from them. The juicing components are all made of durable plastics and are BPA free, allowing the Kuvings to remain strong when facing larger ingredients.

While it is the most expensive model of our three suggestions, the C9500 does offer a lot for its price, and it comes with an included coarse screen and homogenising blank. The coarse screen makes it easy to produce smoothies with more fibre and the homogenising blank opens up options for all sorts of foods such as sorbets, nut milks and nut butters.

Don’t Limit Yourself

While all the above juicers are fantastic, just because you’re a first-time buyer doesn’t mean you can’t splash out on a higher specification model. Juicing shouldn’t be all about spending large sums of money, but many higher priced models offer additional accessories and features to make juicing even easier while producing even higher yields.

If you have more money to spend and you seek a juicer that is easy to use and saves time, keep the Hurom H-AI in mind. It is the first ever self-feeding juicer to be released in the UK and Europe, and it is by far the easiest model to use on the market currently. With a unique design and a sharp and attractive look, the H-AI is definitely one of the smartest juicers to invest in, and it leads the way to a greater juicing future.

If ease of use isn’t as important, but insanely high yields are, then instead consider the Green Star Elite Twin Gear juicer. Twin Gear juicers always produce insanely high yields since they can put ingredients under a lot of pressure. The GSE is a great option that is much cheaper than a premium Angel Twin Gear option, and still provides great yields alongside some additional functions.

Any Juicer is Better than No Juicer

Overall, any juicer can be great, just make sure to do plenty of research before settling on one. Your first juicer will either make or break the experience for you, so spending sufficient time to find your perfect model is the best way to ensure your money is well spent. If you ever need further help and advice feel free to call us, and our juicing experts will be glad to share their knowledge and experience with you. 

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