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Cuisinart TOA60U Air Fryer Mini Oven in Black

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Cuisinart TOA60U air fryer is in fact much more than just an air fryer. Designed to perform a wide range of cooking functions, it can also be used to roast, bake or even toast, opening to door to a lot of cooking creativity. It also utilises a unique fast airflow technology to get up to temperature quicker, making it more efficient than a traditional oven.

Grill Features

  • 6 temperature settings ranging from 90°C to 230°C
  • Multifunctional cooking: air fry, roast, bake, grill & toast
  • Advanced fast airflow technology
  • Quick 90-second read-to-use time
  • 60-minute timer with automatic shut-off
  • Non-stick interior for easy cleaning
  • Convenient interior light
  • 2 shelves for cooking on 2 levels simultaneously
  • Modern and compact design

Versatile Cooking

In terms of versatility, few other appliances can compete with the Cuisinart Air Fryer Mini Oven. As would be expected, it excels at air frying, with a large capacity that is perfectly suited to cater for a whole family if needed. However, when used to its fullest, it’s also capable of roasting, baking, grilling, toasting or simply keeping food warm until it’s time to serve.

As a result, it has utility in a large range of cooking tasks, and with a bit of skill, it can easily be used to produce a full 3-course meal single-handedly. With 6 temperature settings available, it’s easy to switch between different roles, and each setting is set to work at the optimal level for the desired function.

Additionally, to ensure it doesn’t need constant monitoring for longer cooking tasks, it also features a timer setting that can be set for up to 1-hour. Upon completion, the timer will also automatically shut off the oven, ensuring that the food inside isn’t overcooked.

Faster Results

Alongside its simple versatility, the TOA60U also benefits from Cuisinart’s unique fast airflow technology, which allows for heat to be distributed evenly at a higher rate. This has very tangible results, as, within just 90-seconds of being activated, the oven can be ready to use, reducing waiting times.

The fast airflow system also increases cooking efficiency massively, and, when compared to a traditional oven, the TOA60U is 30% faster at cooking the same ingredients to the same standard. Therefore, it allows for notoriously long meals to be made in much less time.

Intuitive Controls

The Cuisinart Air Fryer also makes a great impression in terms of the experience it offers. The user interface is very simple and consists of just 4 control dials. Those dials allow for control over the temperature, cooking function, toast shade and timer function, making it easy to adjust settings at a moment’s notice.

It also has a couple of other features that make it easier to use, such as a fully non-stick interior, which makes it very easy to clean between uses. It also sports an interior light, which makes it easier to see to the progress of food as it cooks.

Compact Design

Last of all, the TOA60U manages an impressive feat of being compact enough to fit in most kitchen cupboards while still offering a large 17-litre capacity. As a result, it can be used to make meals for a family and can even bake pizzas up to 12” in diameter.

It also has 2 shelves that can be used to mount any of the provided cooking trays. This allows for multiple elements of a meal to be cooked at the same time, providing a lot of convenience.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


17.0 L
Temperature Range:
90C - 230C
1800 W
3 Years
12.1 KG


31.0 cm
35.0 cm
40.0 cm
1 x Cooker Base 1 x Air Fryer Basket 1 x Oven Rack 1 x Baking Tray

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