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Gastroback Design Multicook Pro - 62527

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The Gastroback Design MultiCook Pro is the only kitchen appliance you will need! With its 8-in-1 multi-functions, you can cook, steam and bake almost anything in one pot. With over-heating protection and its unique 3D heating technology, why not buy one machine that can do everything?

Key Features

  • 8-in-1 Multi-Functions

  • 3D Heating System

  • Easy To Use and Easy To Clean

  • Accessories Included

8-In-1 Multi-Functions

This extremely versatile cooker has multiple pre-set programs with the ability to cook different types of rice, porridge, soups, steamed foods and even cakes! If this isn’t enough, you can tailor your own cooking settings and adjust the pre-sets to fit your cooking needs. The added feature of 15 hours of cooking time is amazing for slow-cooking meats and different dishes and allows you to get on with your day without needing to check on your food. Another hassle-free feature is the 12-hour warming function, which means the Multi Cook Pro will keep your food warm for up to 12 hours automatically before it begins to cool down fully, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your delicious dishes fresh and warm.

3D Heating System

The special 3D heating system is designed for 360-degree cooking. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the dish for a unified but brief cooking time. The over-heating protection feature is another great benefit of the Gastroback MultiCook Pro as it stops your multi-cooker from getting too hot whilst cooking.

Easy To Use and Easy To Clean

The simple-to-read display shows you the remaining time of your dishes and the included pre-set programmes allow for easier usage across a variety of dishes. Not only is this multi cooker easy to use, but it is also easy to clean with a non-stick inner container, watch food and sauce wash off straight away under water (depending on the ingredients put into the machine).

Accessories Included

The extensive accessories included are another generous feature of this product and make it all the more worthwhile to purchase! With an added steaming dish, a measuring cup and a rice spoon to scoop out your rice without scratching the inner container, you really get a lot of accessories and functions for the price.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Length Of Cable:
2 Years
3.5 KG


28.4 cm
22.9 cm
38.9 cm

Box Contents

1 x Multi Cook Machine 1 x Steamer dish 1 x Measuring cup 1 x Rice spoon 1 x User manual

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