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Hurom H100 Slow Juicer in Black

£399.00 £349.00
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Product Description

Hurom H100 Slow Juicer

The Hurom H100 is a sophisticated juicer that has completely changed the worlds perception on the best way to juice through its reworked juicing mechanism. This new screenless design offers an improved user experience during the entire juicing process and combines perfectly with great performance, exciting new features and a suave design to produce an excellent juicer with some of the best features on the market.


Key Features

  • Slow 43 RPM juicing operation
  • New dual strainer juice separation system
  • Dual inlet hopper design
  • Wide feed chute for easy juicing
  • Optimised pulp outlet switch
  • BPA free juicing components
  • Easy to clean

Product Video

Dual Strainer Juicing

The H100 is especially exciting because of its new method of separating juice and pulp. Unlike other vertical models which use a sieving screen around the augur, this model instead uses a strainer, which consists of 2 parts that slot together, leaving only very thin slits for juice to pass through. This strainer is much easier to clean after juicing since it can be separated, leaving plenty of room to reach bits of remaining pulp.

The Cleaning Benefits of the Hurom H100


Unique Features

Alongside the new strainer juicing system, the Hurom H100 also has a couple of other interesting features. For starters it has a different method of controlling pulp ejection and instead of the common lever it instead has a switch placed directly above the outlet. The switch can be easily adjusted in fine amounts and allows for a highly customised juicing process.

Another great feature of the H100 is the dual inlet hopper, which offers a long and straight chute for ingredients such as carrots and a wide funnel for leafy greens and soft fruits. Having different inlets for different ingredients ensures that they can drop down the chute in an optimal manner, allowing them to be collected easily by the augur.

Optimised Juicing

When all the great features of the H100 come together it truly becomes an amazing juicer, and it offers performance that can equal many other vertical models currently on the market. The 43 RPM dual wing augur is very efficient and can extract plenty of juice from ingredients in a short timeframe, ensuring that nutrients and vitamins are maintained through the cold press process.

Useful Accessories

It has now become a standard for vertical models to include accessories to widen their available functions and despite its reworked juicing design, the H100 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. As with most Hurom models, this device is equipped with a homogenising blank and a wide strainer. The blank transforms the H100 into a mixer and is perfect for producing sorbets, nut butters, breadcrumbs and more. The wide strainer can be used in combination with the inner strainer to form a new part with slightly wider slits. These slits allow some pulp to pass through to the final end product, producing a smoothie instead of a juice.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: H100
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 211 x 293 x 462
  • Speed (RPM): 43
  • Warranty: 10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
  • Wattage: 150
  • Weight (kg): 5.9

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Product Reviews

  1. Easy to clean

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2019

    Best purchase this year.

    A previous veteran of the centrifugal juicer and plenty of research, deliberation and uncertainty when choosing. I finally made my jump into the masticating juicer world with the Hurom.

    I have to say the ease of use, especially cleaning it after is what swung it for me. I'd rather the less is more approach over nightmare washing up and whole fruit option any day!

    Product Rating

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