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JASNA Hydraulic Juice Press in Stainless Steel

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


This hydraulic juicer by JASNA allows you to extract all the goodness from your chosen fruit, quickly, easily and effortlessly. It utilises a mechanical action to squeeze pre-chopped fruit or vegetables creating pure and delicious juice to drink fresh or add to a savoury or dessert recipe.

This hydraulic juicer is so simple to use, simply place the pre-chopped fruit and veg on the cloth and place inside the juicer. Pump the hydraulic arm up and down several times and watch the pulp free juice trickle out of the outlet pipe, into your glass or bowl. Then, to release, remove the handle and lower the tray.

The sturdy stainless steel frame is robust and can handle a lift time of use while the rubber feet make an effective non-slip surface, giving you plenty of traction throughout the process. The juicing tray is easy to clean and wipes clean ready for your next juice in no time at all.

The hydraulic action ensures that the maximum amount of juice is extracted from the fruit and vegetables while the cloth retains all the pulp, ideal if you love your fruit juice drinks free of bits. If you love fruit or vegetable juice but hate the hard work and mess associated with it then the JASNA hydraulic press is perfect for you.

You’ll be amazed at how much liquid the JASNA hydraulic press can extract. For 1kg of carrots, the press can extract approximately 400ml of juice, for 1kg of apples you get just over 500ml of juice and for 1kg of oranges you get over 600ml of juice. Simply amazing.

Once you’ve juiced, you favourite fruit and vegetables you can drink them fresh, add them to cocktails, or make delicious sauces and desserts.

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Key Features

  • Juice fruit and vegetables quickly, easily and effortlessly
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 370mm x 220mm x 270mm
  • Pulp free juice
  • Uses a hydraulic mechanism
  • Robust stainless steel frame
  • Rubber non-slip feet
Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Stainless Steel
12.0 KGS
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 4
    practical easy to use

    Bought for acquiring juice for multiple lab samples. Able to get sufficient amount of juice without chopping or pulping fruit. Easy to clean and fairly quick. Would be better if bottle jack were a bit more robust and only a few strokes of the handle were need to elevate it to the block. The pump handle construction is a bit wobbly and could be better.

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2017
  • 5
    Goes perfectly with my juicer

    I decided to buy this hydraulic press after my wife bought a masticating juicer. The Hydraulic press really takes out the remaining juice from the pulp leaving the pulp completely dry! Having used the hydraulic press for the pulp coming out of our masticating juicer, I have realised how much juice still remains in the pulp that comes out. A perfect combination with your masticating juicer.

    Posted by Jim on 1st Oct 2016