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KitchenAid 5KSB4026BKG Artisan K400 Blender in Kyoto Glow

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The KitchenAid Artisan K400 blender strikes a perfect balance between performance and build quality. Through the combination of premium materials such as glass and die-cast metal it is highly durable. Yet it’s 1.5 peak horsepower motor allows it to still be highly effective when blending tough ingredients. As a result, it truly is a best of both worlds solution.

Blender Features

  • 1.5 peak horsepower motor
  • 4 pre-set blending cycles for ice crushing, icy drinks, smoothies and cleaning
  • Variable 5-speed control dial
  • 1.4L glass blending jug
  • Switch controlled pulse function
  • Easy to clean

Blender Review

Pre-Set Blending Cycles

A good selection of pre-programmed blending cycles are a key part of any good blender, and the K400 doesn’t disappoint. Through an offering of 4 different cycles, it facilitates quick blending options for crushing ice or producing icy drinks or smoothies. Then it’s fourth mode is a self-cleaning cycle that helps to make even tidying up easy and quick.

Durable Build

One of the most impressive features of the KitchenAid Artisan K400 is its impeccable build quality. For starters, both its base and control dial are made of die-cast metal, making it very sturdy and hard wearing through many years of use. However, the K400 doesn’t stop there, and it also offers a very impressive 1.4L glass jug, for the best blending experience and durability.

Optimised Blending

Through the combination of 3 key design features, the KitchenAid K400 is able to produce brilliantly smooth and refined blends. The unique asymmetrical blade plays a big role in this, as it’s shape allows for optimal blending vortex’s, ensuring all ingredients are blended to an equal consistency.

Working alongside the asymmetrical blade, the ribbed glass jar helps to fold ingredients back into the blade. Finally, the Intelli-Speed motor is able to sense the contents of the blending jug and outputs an optimal power and speed level to blend them optimally.

Designed to Fit In

On top of its impeccable build quality and performance capabilities, the Artisan K400 has been designed to fit in, and it is available in a wide array of colours. This makes it easy to style with any kitchen space and it can easily be matched with other KitchenAid appliances.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


1.4 L
1.5 hp
600 - 16000 RPM
1200 W
5 Years
6.6 KGS


22.9 cm
40.1 cm
19.3 cm

Product Reviews

  • 4
    KitchenAid Artisan K400 Blender

    Lovely machine. Easy to use and to clean - the cleaning programme works well. The colour - Kyoto Glow is different yet pleasing. Only drawback is that the machine is noisy, hence 4 stars.

    Posted by Tony Scriminger on 5th Feb 2021