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Kuvings B-Type Accessory Pack

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


An accessory pack designed to expand the abilities and functions of all compatible Kuvings juicers. When used to its fullest it allows a Kuvings juicer to produce a wide range of products including smoothies, sorbets and nut butters.

The coarse screen is designed for use in place of the classic fine screen provided with a Kuvings juicer to produce thicker and pulpier juices that resemble smoothies. It can also be very useful when juicing very soft ingredients such as citrus fruits or berries and allows for larger yields to be extracted.

In comparison, the blank screen completely changes the setup and converts the juicer into a pseudo food processor. When used in place of the fine screen it is able to mix and homogenise a wide array of ingredients to produce a variety of end results including sorbets, nut butters, breadcrumbs and dips.

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