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Kuvings EVO820 Plus Wide Feed Slow Juicer in Gunmetal

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The Kuvings EVO820 is a high-performance whole fruit juicer with some unique features for optimal juicing. Like other models in the Kuvings range, it sports a wide feed chute design, allowing for ingredients to be juiced with minimal preparation. However, additionally to the standard wide feed design the EVO820 also has a flip top function for easier and safer use.

Beyond its unique feed chute design, the EVO820 has a premium and modern appearance, which is supported by high-quality juicing components. The latest generation of components have some significant improvements, increasing durability and security during juicing.


Juicer Features

  • Slow 60 RPM juicing operation
  • Wide 82mm feed chute diameter
  • Flip-top chute design
  • Reinforced feed chute base
  • 4 Juicing chamber locking connector points
  • BPA free juicing components
  • Easy to clean with a wrap around scrubbing brush

Juicer Review

Wide Feed Juicing

The Kuvings EVO820 juicer offers one of the best wide feed juicing experiences, and its 82mm wide diameter allows for many ingredients to be juiced whole. The unique flip-top design makes it easy to juice quickly and is perfect for use with large fruits while also adding protection and additional security. When juicing long ingredients a hole in the top of the flip gate makes it easy to process any and all produce.

Consistent Performance

The EVO820 is a fantastic juicer that offers a superior wide feed juicing experience. It operates at a steady 60 RPM, ensuring ingredients are crushed slowly, extracting large amounts of nutrients and vitamins from ingredients. The included juicing components have been designed for optimal performance and the juice collector base can be secured firmly with a total of 4 locking connector points in its base.

Luxury Design

The design of the EVO820 screams luxury and it offers a different look to the usual juicer style. The outer surface of the motor body has been textured to look like leather, giving it a tactile feel, while simultaneously making it easier to grip. Beyond that, the juicing components are made of premium BPA free Tritan and Ultem plastics, providing them with fantastic durability to last many years of use.

Kuvings Range Overview


Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


60 RPM
240 W
10 Years (Motor) 2 Years (Parts)
7.1 KG


20.1 cm
49.0 cm
23.9 cm

Box Contents

1 x Juicer Motor Base 1 x Juicing Bowl 1 x Augur 1 x Fine Juicing Screen 1 x Spinning Brush 1 x Hopper 1 x Juice Collection Container 1 x Pulp Collection Container 1 x Screen Cleaning Tool 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Pusher
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

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