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Omega Sana EUJ-707 Horizontal Slow Juicer in Chrome

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK
Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Omega Sana EUJ-707 is a highly capable masticating juicer that provides a sleek and modern design in combination with a dazzling selection of accessories. Yet, despite its focus on providing a very complete package, it still offers great juicing performance through an optimised single augur mechanism.


Juicer Features

  • Juicing speed of 70 rotations per minute
  • Single augur juicing mechanism
  • 45 mm feed cute diameter
  • Included coarse juicing screen and blank screen
  • BPA free juicing components
  • Glass juice jug and steel pulp bowl
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Power-efficient 200-watt motor

Juicer Overview


Single Augur Slow Juicing

Through its single augur mechanism, the Omega Sana EUJ-707 is able to juice a wide variety of ingredients from root vegetables to fruits and even leafy greens with ease. Making it suitable for a wide variety of different users from hardcore juicing enthusiasts to beginners.

With an operating speed of 70 rotations per minute, it can achieve plenty of contact time with ingredients, allowing for great yields to be extracted. This slow speed also ensures high levels of nutrient extraction, ensuring that the juices produced with the EUJ-707 are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Versatile Accessories

Beyond its juicing ability, the EUJ-707 comes with a very wide array of accessories. Among these, some of the most noteworthy are the coarse juicing screen and blank screen, which expand the juicer’s range of functions beyond its normal limits.

The coarse juicing screen, for example, allows the Sana EUJ-707 to produce a thicker, pulpier juice similar to a smoothie. Where the blank screen allows it to crush and mix ingredients together in order to produce foods such as nut-butter, sorbet, breadcrumbs or pasta.

On top of its feature-oriented accessories, the EUJ-707 is also kitted out with some rather luxurious ones in the form of a glass juice collection jug and a steel pulp collection bowl. These add an extra layer of polish to the package as a whole, giving the juicer a truly premium feel.

High-Quality Materials

Alongside a fantastic range of accessories, the Sana EUJ-707 is also built to an excellent standard. Combining some stainless steel with a range of high-quality BPA-free plastics such as Tritan and Ultem, it offers plenty of durability against the wear parts experience during the juicing process.

Additionally, the use of materials such as glass and stainless steel in key accessories helps to showcase Sana’s dedication to producing a quality product that can be used frequently without concern.

Stylish Design

Sporting an incredibly sleek and stylish design, the Omega Sana EUJ-707 has been designed to truly feel like a premium product. To this end, it is available in an incredibly wide array of colours to suit almost any style of kitchen and make itself a true statement item for storage on a worktop.


Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


70 RPM
200 W
10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
5.7 KGS


18.7 cm
31.9 cm
42.0 cm

Box Contents

1 x Juicer Motor Base 1 x Drum Guide Housing 1 x Augur 1 x Fine Juicing Screen 1 x Drum Cap 1 x Coarse Juicing Screen 1 x Homogenising Screen 6 x Homogenising Nozzles 1 x Glass Juice Collection Jug 1 x Steel Pulp Collection Bowl 1 x Juice Sieve 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Pusher
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Highly recommended!!!!!! Super easy to use, to dismantle and clean. Super quiet. Modern design. It’s produce definitely less wastage's than other juice makers. Juices which I make are so delicious. Just regret that I didn’t purchase Omega Sana with oil press extension for very reasonable price.

    Posted by Natalia Rudzka on 20th May 2021
  • 5
    *Amazing juicer - Especially for celery*

    Beautiful finsh in chrome that fits with anything in the kitchen and really great functionality in all areas. It is also multifunctional which was a nice surprise - You can make pasta and all sorts with this machine too! Great useful extras from AND speedy delivery ( upon selecting the free next working day delivery option the delivery arrived next day - A SATURDAY MORNING! :) )

    Posted by R on 2nd Apr 2021
  • 5
    Great a Juicer

    I am very pleased and happy with this juicer. Very quiet and easy and simple to use

    Posted by Minh on 16th Mar 2021
  • 5
    Great juicer!

    I’ve heard many great opinions and they were not wrong. It is very quiet, assembly and cleaning super quick and easy. Juice quality very good. The device in itself is not massive so easy to store. Can’t see any faults. Also great freebies from Juicers! The knife cuts like a dream

    Posted by Karolina on 19th Jan 2021
  • 5
    Omega Sana EUJ 707 slow juicer

    I am very pleased with my purchase.Slow juicer omega sana EUJ 707 works quietly and quickly. I make half a litre of celery juice within only five minutes.Even my children can make juice on their own. It is very easy to clean and takes a few minutes. Overall i am very happy with the product and I would recommend the product to anyone.

    Posted by Wioletta Richert on 16th Nov 2020
  • 4
    It's not real chrome

    My one and only gripe is for £379 I was expecting real chrome as in a metal finish n9t the cheap plastic chromevm it retrospect knowing what I do wished I went for the Matt black version. I think the website should make it super clear and easy to read that its plastic chrome look so people like me are not feeling mislead. I purchased the juicer due to reviews on easy of assembly and fast cleaning and on that it scores 5 out of 5 couldn't been any happier. Takes me about 30 seconds to assemble and 1 minute to disassemble AND clean. My previous mastcating juicer took about 4 minutes to our together as it was do bloody tricky and a good 5 to 7 minutes to clean which in the end put me off bothering to juice so very happy with this one.....apart from cheap plastic chrome finish

    Posted by Darren Hazael on 23rd Oct 2018
  • 5
    Great A ****Star juicer

    I am very pleased and huppy with this juicer. Very quiet and easy and simple to use. Easy to dismantle and to clean. Juices are smooth and clear. Highly recommended this juicer.

    Posted by Marzena Raczek on 23rd Oct 2018
  • 5
    The Best !!!

    is amazing. easy to clean, quiet when work, modern. I'm making juice 3 time per day. Same time and make a sheik. Just change part. I so easy. I'm very happy to bay it.

    Posted by Marzena GLOWACKA-FUJAWA on 3rd May 2018
  • 5
    It does what it says

    Good quality machine, easy to wash, easy to dismantle, time will show if it was worth the money.

    Posted by Henryk on 15th Feb 2018