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Omega Sana Juicer Orange EUJ 808

This model has been discontinued, please see latest Sana EUJ-828 model.

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Omega Sana Juicer Orange EUJ 808

Here at we’re proud to introduce the Omega Sana Juicer EUJ-808, this is an integral model within Omega’s 2nd generation of juicers and is the latest of their vertical style juicers.

If you have a first generation Omega model it’s well worth treating yourself to the new 2nd series as there have been some fundamental improvements made particularly in areas of juice yield.


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European vs US Model

The Omega EUJ-808 model is a specific European only model and is functionally the same as the US/North American model, the Omega VSJ843Q. The only real difference is that the EUJ-808 features a UK 3 pin type plug and is also wired for UK (220V).

The Omega Sana Juicer EUJ-808 – innovative in the slow-speed juicer market

The use of vertical slow style juicers within the world of slow speed juicers is a relatively recent phenomenon. What better model to use than the EUJ-808?

These models use the patented SSS (Slow Squeezing System) technology. The SSS technology was developed by Hurom (they are the manufacturer of the Omega series of Juicers). They pioneered the vertical juicer by moving the juicers juicing mechanism to the top. A strainer with a larger surface area causes juice to be passed at much faster processing rates. This removes a problem associated with the older (more traditional) horizontal masticating style juicers – these have a considerably smaller surface area for juice straining and suppress juice production speeds.

Overall SSS technology enables juice production at around two minutes per litre contrasting to over five minutes for traditional horizontal style juicing machines. So owners can produce juice in less than half the time!


Slower speeds – more nutrients preserved!!

Previously customers not willing to wait over five minutes per litre would often revert to buying centrifugal juice extraction machines instead. Although faster there was a major downside in terms of nutrient preservation.

Centrifugal juicers cause oxidation due to the high speeds and this causes a loss of nutrients. So when purchasing the Omega Sana EUJ-808 juicer owners receive the benefit of faster juicing and nutrients preservation all in one.

Functional overview

  • Requires minimal space – The juicer easily fits into your kitchen worktop space and can be left out for everyday permanent use which is important to maximise the benefit of your purchase
  • Slower RPM but same juicing time – The EUJ-808 features a 43 RPM motor; this is much slower than the first generation motor which was 80 RPM. This hasn’t led to a slowdown in juicing time though. A revolutionary redesign of the squeezing screw means produce is processed twice per rotation which means that overall juicing time is around the same
  • BPA free parts used – All plastic parts which make contact with produce are now BPA free
  • GE Ultem strength – The juice strainer and squeezing screw are manufactured with GE Ultem, which provides strength 8x that of normal plastic
  • Unique wiping mechanism – Although you’ll need to undertake some cleaning yourself the juicer helps as much as possible. The unique wiper blade system cleans internal areas of excess pulp; this is achieved by rotation between the juice strainer and the juice bowl. This is great in preventing the juicer from becoming blocked during use.
  • Fewer blockages - The new wiper blades have also removed the need for a driving gear, as these are operated by the new squeezing screw. This removes a potential reason for the juicer to break down and be unusable until a replacement part is provided. Another innovation is that the pulp ejection port has been further widened which again causes less blockage issues (especially for leafy greens and more fibrous vegetables and fruits)
  • Coarse juicing strainer – This special strainer is included, this can be used with especially soft fruits and/or for adding extra fibre (which some people prefer) in your juice
  • Self-feeding mechanism – As the juicing mechanism is located directly at the top of the EUJ-808 Juicer the model effectively self-feeds. The squeezing screw draws supplied produce internally meaning (unlike with other models) you won’t need to use a food pusher. It’s possible you may need to push denser leafy greens through manually, but everything else should be fine.
  • Feed a variety of produce – The model is versatile; you can juice fruit and a variety of vegetables. The model is noted for being especially great at juicing more awkward fruits such as pineapples, oranges and berry fruits – which are notoriously challenging with some slow juicer models
  • One litre of juice storage – The new larger juice processing bowl holds up to one litre of juice. The juice can be stored inside the bowl until you are ready to use (although early use is recommended). The juice bowl has received a redesign and is now more conveniently located onto the motor base than in the previous design.
  • Non drip spout - The model has a non-drip spout for juice serving. This also prevents foam getting through (often produced by leafy greens).

Technical Specfication

Here is a list of the functionality you can expect

  • Ease of use: Very straightforward and easy to use    
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning: Again this model is very ease to clean
  • Dishwasher friendly: Unfortunately not, this model needs to be manually cleaned
  • Juice bow size: Up to one litre of juice can be stored in the bowl
  • RPM: Around 43
  • Wattage: 150 watts
  • Voltage: 220/240 volts
  • Feeding Chute size: 32 mm x 45 mm
  • Weight unboxed/boxed: The unboxed weight is 6.8 kg (15 lbs) or boxed is 10 kg (22lbs)
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):     236 mm x 240 mm x 398 mm
  • Warranty for Parts: There is a 5 Years warranty on parts
  • Warranty for Motor: There is a 10 Years warranty on the motor
  • Process style: Is Single Auger Vertical in style


Available colours

This juicer is available in three different colours, Pearl White, Orange or Ferrari Red.

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