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Sana EUJ-828 Vertical Slow Juicer in Silver

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Sana EUJ-828 is a sleek and sophisticated vertical cold press juicer that will take over from the older EUJ-808 model. Designed to feel like a luxury juicer, the EUJ-828 puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of its appearance, features and juicing ability. This results in a well rounded vertical model that offers a great user experience as one of the best equipped vertical models on the market.


Juicer Features

  • Slow motor speed of 43 RPM (Rotations Per Minute)
  • BPA free juicing parts
  • Glass juice and pulp collection containers
  • Semi-transparent dual feed hole hopper design
  • Pulp discharge control lever
  • Included coarse and blank screens
  • Easy assembly design

Juicer Overview

Updated Mechanism

The way a juicer works has a big impact on its ability and expected lifespan. Luckily the EUJ-828 is using one of the latest juicing mechanisms available, allowing it to extract high yields on par with some of the best vertical models currently available.

On top of yield improvements, the new mechanism also reduces stress on specific parts. This helps them to last for longer with a decreased risk of damage. That risk is then further minimised with high-quality manufacturing of all parts from durable BPA free plastics such as Tritan and Ultem.

Smart Features

Juicers are hitting a limit in performance, which has led to a large focus on user experience. As a result the EUJ-828 aims to make juicing even easier with a dual feed hopper. This hopper design is becoming popular in vertical juicers as it makes feeding different types of produce much easier and reduces food preparation times.

The EUJ-828 is also very easy to assemble and parts that once required some force to position correctly fall into place with no effort at all. This makes assembly very fast and the EUJ-828 is one of only a few juicers to use these easy assembly components.

Luxury Design

Just at a glance you can see that the Sana EUJ-828 is a bit more than a basic juicer. It’s design is very sophisticated, and it is generally appealing. Therefore, it’s not necessarily a product you’d need to store away as it can be presented nicely.

It also comes with great accessories including glass juice and pulp containers as well as coarse and blank juicing screens. These increase the functions of the juicer and they can be used in place of the standard fine screen to produce smoothies, sorbets, ice cream and nut butter.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


43 RPM
150 W
4.8 kg
10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)


18.6 cm
42.9 cm
24.9 cm
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Sana 828

    The best vertical slow juicer. I have no idea why the Sana EUJ-828 isn’t more prevalent in the UK market. If you need to find more information check online reviews and YouTube for the Omega VSJ843 - that is the same juicer as the Sana 808 which was slightly modified to meet EU regulations. The 828 is the newer upgraded version of the 808. The 828 has the new dual hopper design, an adjustable pulp leaver for soft fruits or fibrous veg, a strainer for sorbets, a coarse strainer, glass bowls for pulp and juice, and a clever new gear system which halves the speed of the cleaning blades meaning much less foam. It’s also so much easier to assemble than the Omega VSJ843 - everything just clicks in to place. The motor is very quiet. The quality of the juice is the same as the Omega - clean and fresh, with astonishingly low amounts of pulp. I know it’s there but it’s very fine. As a guide, I don’t need to sieve carrot or celery juice. The extracted pulp is very dry. It’s hard to think of a single criticism, the design is a bit busier than the Omega, and perhaps more of a statement. I have it set up so that the pulp ejection faces me with the juice coming out to the right which is not ideal, this can be changed but then the hopper is at an angle. These are minor points. It takes me less than 3 minutes to clean. Happy to recommend the 828 after an exhaustive search. I have been juicing since the 1990s. The other juicer I would recommend just now is the Sana 707 (horizontal), and only if you like to make smaller amounts of juice at a time. The 707 is much easier to clean but takes a bit more time and effort to juice. I hope this review helps someone to make up their mind. Happy juicing!

    Posted by Peter Wylie on 23rd Feb 2021