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OrangeX Amco Olympus Manual Citrus Juicer in Black

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This model has been discontinued. We recommend taking a look at the Nutripress Manual Citrus Juicer instead.

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


OrangeX Amco Olympus Citrus Juicer in Black

The ever-popular OrangeX is once again available to the market, offering the same advantages compared to electric juicing machines for citrus fruits. 

Compared to the OrangeX Jupiter model, there’s a bigger clearance height, providing the option to use a glass up to 17cm tall for juice collection. You’ll get the maximum amount of juice extraction from this machine, with a full 2300lbs of force being pressed down onto the fruit. As you receive fresh, delicious juice, all of the peel oil, pulps and pips are left behind.

The large rubber handle is ergonomically designed providing an easy and comfortable grip, plus there’s a knock bar, also made from rubber, which prevents the metal and the handle banging together. With the handle in an upright position the juicing machine is 78cm tall.

All types of citrus fruit can be processed using the OrangeX Olympus Citrus Juicer including grapefruits, oranges, lemons, pomegranate, limes and tangerines.

Comparison between the Olympus and Jupiter juicer models

Two excellent juicing machines, the Jupiter is slightly more compact in its dimensions meaning you can only use a cup or a glass up to 10cm tall to collect the juice as it is extracted. The Olympus is a more robust model, being heavier in weight and more heavy duty, and providing extra space so that you can use a collection glass which is taller, around 17cm. Both juicers measure 10cm in diameter.

Key highlights

Some of the main features of the machine include:

  • Polished steel finish and cast iron base
  • Greater stability due to wide design of base
  • Safe operation due to non-marking suction feet
  • Removable funnel cup and perforated strainer cone made from 19-8 stainless steel
  • Quiet operation guaranteed with rubber handle stop
  • Manufacturer warranty - 1 year
  • Can be used with all types of citrus fruit such as oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits
  • Safe for use in dishwasher
  • Approved by NSF
  • 25% additional juice capacity compared to competitor models due to patented lever mechanism
  • Full colour retail box with every model 

Product Demonstration - How to best make citrus juice with the Olympus citrus press

Technical details: 

  • Black colour
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 22lbs unboxed weight
  • 280mm L x 180mm W x 460mm H


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