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Sage BFP800UK the Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor in Stainless Steel

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Sage’s the Kitchen Wizz Pro 3.7-litre food processor is an incredibly capable food processor designed to perform a massive range of functions in combination with its various accessories. Thanks to its large capacity, it is great at saving time on bulk food preparation and it can provide assistance with many common kitchen tasks.

Processor Features

  • Fast high-torque processing speed
  • Extra-wide feed chute
  • Quad-blade processing method
  • 3.7-litre or 1.0-litre work bowl capacity
  • Variable thickness slicing disc
  • BPA free processing components
  • Ergonomic durable design
  • Accessory storage case
  • Powerful 2000-watt motor

Processor Overview

Efficient Food Processing

To achieve incredibly fast and consistent results, the Kitchen Wizz Pro uses a quad blade setup, in which the multipurpose blade has 2 sets of cutting blades on 2 separate planes. This allows it to puree with the lower blades while the upper blades help to rotate and chop ingredients.

Additionally, the Kitchen Wizz Pro offers an uncommon but very useful feature in the form of a timer. When in use, the timer can be set to either count up or down and when set to count down it can automatically shut the motor off once the selected time has passed.

Versatile Accessories

In order to achieve its wide range of functions, the Kitchen Wizz Pro utilises an impressively diverse selection of accessories. These include a:

  • Multi-purpose blade
  • Dough blade
  • Mini blade
  • 1-litre mini bowl
  • Micro-Serrated Disc
  • Julienne Disc
  • French Fry Cutting Disc
  • Whisking Disk
  • Storage Box

Through this broad range of accessories and attachments, the Kitchen Wizz Pro can produce a huge variety of results. This includes sliced vegetables or fruits, finely pureed dips, meringues, doughs and fries to name but a few.

High-Quality Materials

To ensure that the Kitchen Wizz Pro can last for many years of use, Sage has built it from a range of durable materials. The base itself is particularly solid, and benefits from being cased in stainless steel and its brushed finish does a great job of disguising minor scratches and blemishes.

Beyond the base, the Kitchen Wizz Pro’s work bowls are built from high-quality BPA free plastics. Therefore, they are completely food safe while remaining resistant to wear through continued use.

Ergonomic Design

To complete the package offered by the Kitchen Wizz Pro, Sage has designed it to be space-efficient and attractive. In keeping with their signature style, the brushed stainless steel body is neatly curved and well finished, giving it a premium feel.

Additionally, for a touch of convenience, they have included a storage case that can neatly contain all of the Wizz Pro’s accessories.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


3.7 L
Stainless Steel
2000 W
30 Years (Motor) 3 Years (Parts)
14.2 KGS


27.7 cm
44.5 cm
22.6 cm

Product Reviews

  • 5

    I can't say any bad words about product. I'm so happy I bought Sage. It's so powerful and I was surprised how is food processor very quiet. High quality material and I very like storage for blades and disks. Highly recommend

    Posted by Martin on 2nd Feb 2022