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5 Juicer Accessories You Need to Know About

In this technology packed era, there is an appliance for everything and every appliance is designed to perform multiple useful functions. Therefore, to keep with the trend, juicer manufacturers have also begun to improve juicer designs allowing many models to be capable of fantastic versatility. As a result, there are many accessories available to make a juicer far more than it may seem.

Coarse Screen Accessories

Currently, the most common accessory found in juicers is the coarse screen. This attachment can be used in place of the standard fine screen and it provides a quick way to produce a thick smoothie like juice without having to buy multiple appliances. The juice made doesn’t contain quite as much pulp as a typical smoothie, but it is different to any juice produced with the fine screen.

Coarse Screens can be found in many juicers, but here are some to keep an eye on:

Homogenising Blanks

Where the coarse screen adds a twist on typical juicer functions the homogenising blank opens doors to some very different possibilities. Like the coarse screen, it is used in place of the fine screen, but instead of allowing juice to be squeezed from ingredients, it instead causes the augur to churn ingredients together. Through its churning process, the augur is then able to mix or grind ingredients to produce a wide variety of products.

The ability to mix ingredients allows compatible juicers to produce a wide range of foods including sorbets, nut butters, nut milks, baby food, breadcrumbs and dough.

Homogenising blanks are now included in most horizontal juicers, and many vertical juicers are also beginning to utilise them too. Here are some of our favourites at this time:

Homogenising Nozzles

On its own, a homogenising blank is a very useful accessory, but its function can be further improved using additional nozzle attachments. These nozzles sit at the end of the blank and are able to shape the product as it is squeezed out after mixing. Therefore, it is easy to produce many shapes of pasta and noodles at home without the need for separate appliances.

Currently, nozzles are only available for use with horizontal juicers as they are the only style capable of providing enough pressure to utilise them. Other juicer styles would instead require the nozzle to be too far away from the augur for correct operation.

Some of our favourite nozzle compatible juicers are:

Citrus Juicing Attachments

Not all juicer accessories are compatible with every style of juicer, and many manufacturers have started producing some unique additions. The Citrus Attachment is a good example of this and it is only compatible with a vertical juicer style. It works very simply and allows for fast citrus juicing, without the need for a heavy cleaning session after it is used.

Currently, only Hurom have launched a citrus attachment, but we expect other brands to be following their example. It is compatible with many of their vertical juicers, including the H-AA, HV, HZ, HH 11, HU700 and even the Omega VSJ.

Oil Extractors

While vertical models are able to benefit from Citrus attachments, some horizontal models are instead able to use an Oil Extractor. This accessory works very simply and is able to use high pressure to crush oils from a variety of seeds. Making artisan oils at home allows for tastier meals to be made and provides an easy way to cut down on some of the less healthy fats found in some shop bought oils.

The only oil extractor attachment for use with juicers currently available is produced by Sana. It is compatible with a select range of models including the Sana 707Sana 6068006/4 and Vidia SJ-002.

The Most Versatile Juicer

Picking out the most versatile juicer isn’t an easy task, but we have picked out 2 models we view to be equals. The first of these is the Hurom H-AA 3rd Generation Alpha Slow Juicer, a vertical model that can be used with a coarse screen, homogenising blank and a citrus juicing attachment. In the box it already has the screen and blank included, meaning that from the get go it is ready to perform many different functions in the kitchen.

The other juicer we rate highly for versatility is the Omega Sana 707. As with the H-AA, it comes with a coarse screen and a homogenising blank, but additionally, it has 4 homogenising nozzles to widen its functions. The 707 is also compatible with Sana’s Oil Extractor attachment, giving it a much more unique function where it is desirable.