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Choosing Between Different Twin Gear Juicers

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Which One Is Right for Me?

Selecting a Twin Gear Juicer is no easy task, and they are a multitude of great options on the market currently. Each model is unique though, and in many cases, they are all so different it’s tough to pinpoint the perfect model for your needs. So, to help you along, we’re going to break down the most popular options currently available giving a fair and honest comparison of them all.

Angel Twin Gear Juicers

When looking at twin gear juicers there are many great options, but none are quite as fantastic as those in the  Angel juicer collection, which are viewed by many to be the best juicers money can buy. That reputation is well deserved, and indeed all Angel juicers are capable of unbeatable performance, mainly thanks to their highly premium builds. However, to get such great quality all Angel juicers come at a high price, which can rule them out in some situations.

In total, there are 3 different Angel juicer models, the 5500, 7500 and 8500s. Each of them is different, but these differences are small, so here is a quick breakdown. The 5500 is the cheapest model and offers a fully stainless-steel build that not only provides it with a clean and attractive look but also grants excellent durability. The 7500 matches its sibling in terms of design features but also is equipped with an automatic reverse function, which allows it to reverse the gears when it detects a blockage forming. Finally, the 8500s offers the same automatic reverse feature alongside an upgraded design that is made of stronger surgical stainless-steel.

When listed so bluntly these features may not seem like the recipe for the worlds best juicer but having such a high-quality design makes a big difference when juicing. The fully stainless-steel gears are able to put huge amounts of pressure on ingredients through an intense 3-stage juicing process. That pressure combined with an optimised screen design allows any Angel to produce plenty of juice only leaving unbelievably dry pulp as waste.

Green Star Elite

As good as they are, an Angel isn’t for everyone. However, luckily there are plenty of other twin gear models offered by Tribest’s Green Star brand. The  Green Star Elite is the latest of these twin gear juicers, and it brings with it the best performance offered by a domestic Green Star to date.

That improved performance is achieved through a new jumbo gear design that works in a 3-stage process allowing the consistent extraction of optimal yields. The first stage involves the ingredients being crushed between the gears at very high pressure. The pulp and juice are then progressed to the 2 nd stage where they are mixed to draw out additional minerals into the juice and then they are finally pressed and separated by the screen.

The GSE also comes with a refined design, and additional safety features, ensuring it provides an enjoyable juicing experience. Furthermore, it is equipped with a coarse screen and homogenising blank, allowing it to easily expand its functions beyond just juicing.

Green Star Pro

The GSE is a great option, but sometimes you need something a bit better without paying the full cost of an Angel. That’s where the  Green Star Pro comes into the light. In many ways, it is the same as the GSE, but it comes with two big advantages.

Firstly, it is a commercial juicer, which means it has been built to survive in a very intense environment. Therefore, when used domestically it is provided with a huge 15-year warranty, ensuring it can last for a very long time.

The second advantage is that the Green Star Pro comes with fully stainless-steel gears. Therefore, it can improve on the performance shown by the GSE and provides pulp nearly as dry as an Angel juicer. The full steel design allows for extra pressure exertion and also helps the gears to last for an incredibly long time.

Green Star GS-2000

If neither of the previous Green Star’s has offered what you're looking for, then the  GS-2000 may be worth considering. In comparison to the other models mentioned this device is quite old, and it shows that in its design. However, despite that, it can perform very well and is still an excellent juicer that is respected by many. However, currently, it doesn’t shave off much on the price of the GSE, so in many cases, it is overlooked.

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