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Champion 2000 Horizontal Juicer in White

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


In terms of Juicing Champion really were the first innovators and can stake a claim to having first produced a Juicer way back in 1955!  60 years on and with over 2 million Juicers sold worldwide the Champion 2000 Juicer is regarded as one of the finest and most robust masticating juicers on the market. A real favourite with health professionals, the Champion 2000 is one of the fastest masticating juicers on the market with an RPM of 1425 it can quickly work through large quantities of produce with ease.

If you plan on juicing large quantities and multiple times per day then the Champion is a great choice, unlike other masticating juicers that need to be rested after 20 minutes or so of use, the Champion will go all day!


Juicer Features

Quick and Easy to Use - Of all the masticating type juicers the Champion gets the job done fastest. It is perfect for busy people who want a good quality fruit or vegetable juice and an easy clean up in the shortest time.

Trouble-Free Fruit Juicing - As well as vegetables and leafy greens, the Champion efficiently juices fruit, even pulpy fruit, without the blocked screens that halt the juicing process on some other masticating type juicers. The Champion is therefore especially recommended for anyone wanting to juice a lot of fruit.

Durability - The Champion Juicer is made in the USA and has been refined over more than 60 years. Its powerful reliable motor is housed in a strong cast metal casing, not in plastic like most other juicers. There are no internal speed reduction gears to wear out or break. The juicing parts are made of super tough, food-grade nylon and stainless steel.

Power and Endurance - The Champion is also ideal for those on a juicing therapy because the sturdy 1/3rd hp motor will stand up to continuous use or multiple juicing sessions daily. Most juicers can only be used for 5 to 25 minutes non-stop before their juicing parts are at risk of breaking under the heat of friction, or the motors are at risk of overheating or even burning out. The Champion is therefore perfect too for anyone wanting to juice a harvest of fruit or vegetables from their garden.

Ideal For Use With A Juice Press - The Champion grinds fruit and vegetables into the finest pulp allowing more nutrients to be released from the well-broken up cells. Like other masticating juicers, roughly 75% to 80% of the juice is extracted by the Champion Juicer. But for those who want to extract the maximum juice and nutrients, the pulp from a Champion Juicer can be further pressed in a juice press. The press squeezes all the juice out under 4 tonnes of pressure and filters the juice through a fine cloth to remove the fibre, producing a super nutrient-rich, smooth pulp-free juice.

The Champion Juicer & Welles Juice Press together can extract the highest possible nutrition, a requirement for those following the Gerson Therapy for treating serious illness. The superior nutrition provided by fresh pressed juice can aid a quick recovery to good health because this juice is quickly absorbed and does not tax the digestion of those weakened by illness.
Versatility - As well as highly nutritious juice the Champion Juicer can also make the creamiest nut butters, purees, baby foods, and frozen fruit ice creams by simply swapping the juicing screen for the homogenising blank. 

Juicer Overview


The Champion Juicer is Very Versatile

In addition to extracting fruit juices and vegetable juices, by exchanging a single part - the homogenising blank - your Champion Juicer is instantly transformed into a homogeniser that can make:-

  • The creamiest nut butters
  • Coconut milk
  • Baby foods
  • Fruit sauces
  • Ice creams and Sorbets
  • Frozen fruit purees
  • Fruit Smoothies

Champion Juicer Heavy Duty Motor and Parts

A quiet, heavy-duty motor delivers true, industrial-strength power for an improved masticating process that quickly chews the fibres to break loose high volumes of cells saturated with important healthy nutrients and live enzymes. There's no waiting around for a slower, weaker motor to finish the job and the Champion's speed means you also avoid messy, time-consuming pulp blockages that can cause juice to back up inside some slower juicers when juicing pulpy fruits.

Unlike many juicers which can only be used for 5 to 25 minutes before overheating, the Champion is able to operate non-stop without harming the juicer. The motor is designed for a 40 degree C heat rise. Although with a long, hard juicing session the juice may warm up a little, in our tests the maximum temperature reached during an hour of hard use was only 79 degrees F, less than body temperature. You can rest assured that at this temperature valuable enzymes are retained, since they are destroyed at temperatures above 100 degrees F. The temperature can be reduced during a long juicing session by simply refrigerating produce before juicing.

Champion Juicer Durability

  • Long-lasting stainless steel construction resists both wear and food odour.
  • Unbreakable Floating Cutter - designed to separate the juice from the pulp in a continuous operation without jamming.
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Tempered Stainless Steel Cutting Blades - cast into a rugged nylon cutter for strength and durability. They never separate, rust, twist, tarnish or become dull.
  • Every Champion Juicer purchased also comes with a free TAWASHI BRUSH - an exceptionally long-lasting natural plant bristle brush that is perfect for cleaning both vegetables and the Champion Juicer Screen.
  • The unparalleled durability of the Champion 2000+ Juicer is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty, although it is most unlikely you will ever have to make a warranty claim. Some of the original Champion Juicers are still working today!
  • All juicer parts are made from 100 percent US Food and Drug Administration approved, non-brittle nylon and tough stainless steel, and are exceptionally durable.

Recommended by the Gerson Institute

Recommended by the Gerson Support Group and the Gerson Institute in their work to combat cancer, the Champion Juicer stands up to the multiple daily juicing sessions of the Gerson Therapy. At 1425 RPM (110 Volt US models are 1725 RPM ) the Champion 2000+ Juicer takes much less time to use and clean than other masticating juicers which turn at only 80 to 160 RPM, an important consideration when juicing often.

The Champion's higher RPM however does not put it in the same league as centrifugal juicers that spin at 6,000 to 10,000 RPM or higher, shredding the produce, flinging watery liquid out under centrifugal force and thereby mixing air into the thin juice that quickly oxidises it - turning it brown. The Champion uses pressure to squeeze a richer juice out of the finely ground pulp.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


1425 RPM
420 W
7.2 kg
10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)


19.0 cm
20.0 cm
42.5 cm
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Champion 2000 Juicer

    I purchased my Champion in 1994. I have used it thousands of times over the years and it is still running as well as it did on day one. I have replaced the front hub, with oil seal and O-ring twice, and the blade four times in all those years. You just can not buy a more durable or better performing masticating juicer than a Champion. At 64 years of age, I'm looking forward to, at least, another 28 years of juicing with my Champion!

    Posted by Mike on 2nd Apr 2022
  • 5
    Champion Juicer 2000

    Works well. Only comment is that we did not receive the paring knife. All other items received.

    Posted by David Bradbury on 5th Jan 2021
  • 5
    Fabulous jucier

    Just bought this juicer which I have heard was really good. I’m s9 pleased with it I give it a good workout as I’m jucing for one and half hours every morning. 64oz of juice every day. The motor is really robust and feels a little warm by then. Fantastic buy although quite a lot of money, it’s well worth every penny. It’s very easy to set up and clean.

    Posted by Chachoo on 6th May 2019
  • 5
    Fastest Masticating Juicer

    If you want to juice with a masticating juicer but don't have the time to allow the juicer to slowly process the product fed into the juicer, then don't worry. The Champion juicer is the right and most suitable juicer for you as it is the fastest masticating juicer can perform at 125RPM which is very fast. I love my Champion juicer because I get the best of both worlds; I can use a masticating juicer to obtain a highly nutritional quality juice which can almost be produced at the same rate as my old centrifugal juicer.

    Posted by Elizabeth on 26th Sep 2016