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L'Equip Omni Horizontal Slow Juicer in White UltraSharp Utility Knife
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This model has been discontinued. We recommend taking a look at the Hurom DU instead.

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L’equip Omni Juicer

A single auger juicer, L’equip Omni Juicer contains the same parts as the Samson and the Matsone, being assembled in the same place but just covered with a different housing. 

The L’equip Omni Juicer is a slow speed juicer designed by a specialist manufacturer and offering a number of uses in any kitchen. Its gentle action means that it can juice a wide range of produce including leafy greens, herbs, wheatgrass, barley grass, vegetables, pine needles and even aloe. And what’s even better that throughout the juicing process, essential nutrients and vitamins are preserved.

But L’equip can do far more than simply juice; it can also carry out a number of other useful kitchen functions. This makes it more like a food processor than just a juicer because of its extreme versatility. As well as juicing, get prepared to mince, chop and blend as well as create purees, nut butters, pastas and ice cream.

The design of L’equip Omni Juicer means that the unit is extremely durable with surprisingly powerful extraction.

Main features and advantages

The Omni Juicer has a great range of features; here’s just a few:

  • Single Auger. With a strong 160 watt motor driving the mechanism, the auger - which features a cutting length of 5 1/5” - rotates at a deliberately slow speed. During this process all of the produce is powerfully crushed up against the wall of the chamber; this squeezes out every last drop of juice whilst masticating the fibre content. This two-step design means that not only is more juice extracted but it’s more nutrient-packed too, with enzymes, minerals and vitamins all kept intact and transferred.
  • Slow speed. The gentle action of the Omni Juicer means that the juice will retain its nutrients for far longer, and can be safely kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours without degradation.
  • Smart auger design. The single auger has been cleverly designed including features such as a reinforced head to produce the very optimum extraction plus a stain resistant coating.
  • Large feeding chute. The feeding chute is 1.5” wide which won’t fit in the really large chunks of produce, but this is similar to other auger juicing machines on the market.
  • Powerful extraction. This allows even tough juicing to take place such as pine needles and aloe, something that many other models are unable to match
  • Variable pressure settings. This allows you to change the juice you obtain and the quality. There’s three separate settings to configure the pressure at which the produce is juiced
  • Powerful induction motor. Despite operating at a low speed - just 80 RPM - the Omni Juicer can offer a squeezing power equivalent to 1.5 horsepower. The motor is a vital part of any juicing machine and the 160W motor in the Omni Juicer is both durable and reliable. With superior engineering, the L’equip motor is a superior design and supported by a generous 6 year warranty.
  • 6 different nozzles. This allows a variety of functions and juicing to be performed including grinding, homogenising, mincing, juicing and making noodles or pasta. It also means that even leafy greens can be processed with ease; you won’t need to buy a separate machine to juice these.
  • Melamine and polycarbonate materials approved by FDA
  • Thermal controls integrated into the design to prevent excessive build-up of heat
  • Whisper-quiet operation. The extremely slow speeds of L’equip Omni Juicer mean that it’s virtually silent when in use.
  • Rapid assembly. Putting the unit together and taking it apart again is super-speedy, taking on average just 15-20 seconds to completely assemble. This allows you to get on with juicing with no delay.
  • Simple cleaning process. The components of the juicer are all compatible with the dishwasher but it’s such a doddle to clean you’ll find a manual wash takes no time at all!
  • Lightweight design. The compact size and light weight means that it’s easy to move around the kitchen and transport when you need to.
  • Elegant styling. The housing of L’equip Omni Juicer is sophisticated and contemporary and would be a fabulous addition to any kitchen.

What you can do with your L’equip Omni Juicer

The Omni Juicer can do so much more than other models on the market, offering superior juicing along with a range of other functions.

Here’s a snapshot of the kitchen tasks that you can carry out with the assistance of your L’equip:

  • Juicing fruit and vegetables. The Omni Juicer can perform effective extraction on a wide range of produce include firm fruit and vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumber, apples as well as oranges and leafy greens including kale, lettuce and spinach.
  • Juice wheatgrass, herbs and barley grass. You won’t need a second juicer for your greens and other produce which some juicers find difficult to process. The Omni can tackle all kinds of juicing in one.
  • Juice aloe and pine needles. These are amongst the toughest types of produce to juice but the powerful extraction on the L’equip can handle these with ease.
  • Removing the juicing screen and inserting the blank screen automatically converts the machine to a homogeniser. This allows the foods to be either minced or crushed and pushed through the extruder head nozzle. Use the larger nozzle for pureeing items such as nut butters, pates, vegetables or even creamy-tasting desserts from milk and frozen fruit. Switch to a different nozzle to create noodles and pasta in a variety of shapes.
  • Chopping herbs and seasoning. For the kitchen buff who hates the laborious nature of preparation, the Omni Juicer will be a delight, chopping up all kinds of seasoning and herbs in a flash. You can also mince seasonings such as garlic and onion which retains the natural flavouring.
  • Mince fish and meat. In the same way that you can mince and chop seasoning, you can perform the same actions on fish and meat with the powerful blade slicing easily. If you combine the meat and the seasoning together, you have a quick and simple method for creating home-made hamburgers and meatballs.
  • Make noodles, rice cakes, bread sticks and pasta.
  • Create smooth pastes for baby food, nut butters, fruity ice cream, sorbets and smoothies.
  • The oil press allows you to cold press oils which have a far greater content of essential fatty acids which have considerable health benefits, such as reducing “bad” cholesterol in the blood. 

Who would the L’equip Omni juicer suit?

This juicer features such a multi-purpose design that anyone who is interested in producing healthier, all-natural foods in their own kitchen would be ideally suited to it.

The Omni Juicer removes the need to clutter your kitchen up with a whole host of different machines and processors, instead combining them all in one handy design.

Compact and lightweight, the L’equip juicer can easily be moved around the kitchen, or even transported if required. Larger batches of juice can also be processed at once, with the superior lifespan making it suitable to keep in the fridge for up to two days.

Any fans of juicing and raw food will find this model boasts a great range of features that they will use again and again.

Technical Specifications

  • White
  • 80 RPM
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • 250mm in length
  • 180mm in width
  • 240mm in height
  • 7kg in weight (unboxed)
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