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Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer in Stainless Steel

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Hurom Auto Citrus juicer provides a fast and efficient method of producing citrus juice without the need for large amounts of manual force. It operates automatically and uses a motorized reamer to bore out the centre of citrus fruits with ease and efficiency.

On top of its solid functionality, the Hurom Auto Citrus juicer is made of quality materials with its main body and pulp separator being crafted from stainless-steel. Use of such materials provides an attractive aesthetic and great durability.


Juicer Features

  • Optimised reamer shape allowing for high yield extraction
  • Spring hinged handle for fast juicing
  • Adjustable anti-drip juice spout
  • Durable and attractive stainless-steel design
  • Easy to clean

Juicer Review


Drip-Free Juicing

One of the most useful features of the Hurom Auto Citrus juicer is the adjustable juice spout. It works very simply and can either be set in the upwards locked position or the downwards open position. When pushed up it acts as a stopper, preventing juice from flowing out of the device, while also preventing any drips of remaining juice. When in the downward position it allows for accurate juice flow into any selected glass or container.

Quality Construction

The build quality seen in the Hurom Auto Citrus juicer is fantastic, and a range of quality materials are used including durable plastics and stainless-steel. For ease of use and comfort, the handle and reamer cone are made of plastic, making them lightweight and user-friendly. However, after the handle, the entire body and pulp separator are constructed from stainless-steel, ensuring excellent durability.

The handle in the Hurom Auto Citrus juicer is also equipped with a useful spring function. This design allows the handle to quickly return to its dormant position, making it possible for the user to work at high speeds unhindered. The handle also features a silicone grip, making it easy to hold and use, matching its user-friendly purpose.

Our Verdict

We’ve been very impressed by the Hurom Auto Citrus juicer, and it offers great value for money. Its great build quality is especially impressive at its price point, and this device is capable of juicing at levels that can match other top automatic citrus juicers with ease.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: SUS304
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 240 x 190 x 468
  • Speed (RPM): 90 - 120
  • Power (Watts): 100
  • Weight (kg): 2.4
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK



Product Reviews

  • 5
    My Daily Squeeze Got Good

    Every morning I'd get out my trusty plastic citrus squeezer and spend a while doing lemon and orange morning drinks. It was ok just time consuming and when your grip goes slippy, not as simple as one would hope. Time for an upgrade Wooohooo got this gorgeous guy and it sails through the daily batch of 8 oranges and two lemons with consummate ease. Just empty the "bits catcher" every few fruit and the juice happily keeps flowing. Looks wise, he's a handsome chap with clean lines and a lovely line to him that means he looks neat amid the other smooth operators I have for juicing on the health shelf. Excellent solid product. Highly recommend

    Posted by Hippy Cat on 23rd Jan 2022
  • 5
    Hurom Auto Juicer

    Brilliant. Easy to use. Easy to clean.

    Posted by LG on 8th Feb 2021
  • 5

    So easy to operate our 5 year old can do it

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2019