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Hurom HU 700 1st Generation Slow Juicer in Silver Chrome

£319.00 £299.00
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This model has now been discontinued, please see latest Hurom HV model

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Product Description


Hurom HU 700 Slow Juicer in Silver Chrome

Also sold as the HH-DBG06, the Hurom HU 700 Premium Slow Juice in Silver is one of the hottest selling models of vertical masticating juicers that we’ve ever stocked. Hurom are one of the market leaders in the field of vertical masticating juicers, first inventing the technology back in 2005. The biggest selling vertical juicer in the world, the HU, is now on its 6th version with a whole host of exciting new features. These include a generous 500ml bowl with marked lines for easy reference, 2 extra-strong juicing screens made from GE-Ultem, a revamped body and a non-drip juice valve. These changes mean that juicing either soft or hard fruits can now be done at just the press of a button, and if you need any inspiration on creating delicious juices, the accompanying free recipe book from Hurom will help you use your juicer to its fullest.

Vertical masticating juicers have rapidly risen to become the top-selling type of masticating juicer available. Hurom has more than four decades of experience in designing this type of technology and is widely considered as a leading expert in the industry. This is largely thanks to the vast amount of work in research and development that Hurom has carried out and continues to do so which allows it to continue to innovate and inspire other manufacturers. So much so in fact that many of the other vertical masticating juicers are simply carbon copies of the original, re-branded under a different label.

The team here loves Hurom Juicers and believes that the latest model, the Hurom HU 700, is not just a fantastic buy at less than £350, but also the top performer on the market. The Hurom is miles ahead of all competition when you consider the amount of juice extracted the size of the juice bowl, extra accessories included and the lifespan of the GE-Ultem manufactured parts.

Hurom Juicers have nominated to be one of the official distributors in the UK, an honour we are proud to hold. 

Improvements and Enhancements

The Hurom HU 700 features a wealth of improvements and enhancements; here are just some of those that you might find:

  • Attractive modern design
  • Reconfigured silicon blades which prevent the pulp from mixing with the juice
  • Generous 500ml bowl with easy-to-read markings for exact measurements
  • Non-drip valve reduces mess and aids with the mixing function and measurement of portions, plus makes cleaning simpler
  • All juicing parts now BPA free
  • Easy assembly of all parts
  • Two screens included, one coarse and one fine, both made from ultra-strong GE Ultem
  • Simple clean up with the two brushes provided
  • 2 year domestic warranty on the functional parts and 10 year warranty on the motor

The Hurom 700 Premium vs the Omega VRT 400

**Please note the Hurom HH 700 Premium is sold in the USA only and is known as the HU Premium 700 here in the UK. The UK model does not feature the smoothie level as per this video.

This video looks at the Hurom versus the popular Omega but features a US model known as the Hurom HH 700 Premium which is marketed in the UK under the slightly amended name of HU Premium 700. The version available in the UK does not feature the smoothie level which is included in the US model and can be seen on this video.

The Hurom 700 promises to deliver a top performance for those looking for a quick masticating juicer which is simple to use. With a reputation for fast juicing, a quality build and an easy-to-use design, there are no compromises on the latest Hurom juicer. The HU 700 is such an impressive juicer that you’ll never want to look at another!

Unique Slow Squeezing Technology


Hurom have changed the landscape of horizontal masticating juicers forever with the introduction of their vertical design, switching the mechanism to the top part of the juicer and also adding in a larger strainer to help the juice flow more quickly. Horizontal juicers with a small strainer surface and resulting slow flow were eclipsed by this much faster and high quality design. The RPM was maintained at 70-80 RPM, thereby operating at the same speed as horizontal juicers, but only taking half the time to extract a litre of juice that a more traditional horizontal design would take.

The relatively slow speeds of horizontal masticating juicers have been a source of much frustration for customers in the past who’ve felt that their only option to get a better speed was to turn to a centrifugal design. However whilst certainly speedier these centrifugal juicers often damage the produce they are juicing and destroy some of the vital enzymes and nutrients that would otherwise be included in the juice. This is because the high speeds of the centrifugal design cause rapid oxidisation. By direct comparison, the HU 700 offers a new way to up your juicing speeds without suffering from a resulting loss of nutrients. And not only is the HU 700 quick, it also provides the possibility of storing the juice in the fridge for up to 48 hours before consumption without any degradation.

By moving the juicing mechanism higher up the model to the top of the design, the juicer becomes an almost self-feeding mechanism as the strong grip of the auger pulls the produce from the outside without the need of the pusher tool, other than with soft foods such as leafy greens. All of the parts in Hurom juicers are super strong, we almost never see any parts which break, and thanks to the use of GE Ultem in the juice strainer and squeezing screw, they’re up to eight times stronger than normal materials. All of the materials used in Hurom juicers are BPA free and food safe.

Hurom juicers have a unique mechanism which stops it getting blocked up whilst in use, as the innovative silicon wiper blades move between the strainer and the juice bowl clearing away any residual pulp. The HU 700 has an enhanced wiper blade system which stops even more pulp filtering through to the juice, and it means even less cleaning too!

New Silicone Juice Cap and Valve


New features which provide extra benefits include a juice cap on the outlet as well as a non-drip silicone valve. Not only does this keep your work surface cleaner and free of drips, it also means you can take advantage of the unique self-cleaning mechanism. Simply fill the juice bowl with water once you’ve finished your juicing and the powerful silicon blades will do the majority of the cleaning! There’s also a much bigger juice bowl, generously proportioned at 500ml which includes measurement marks which enables more accurate dispensing.

Hurom technology backed by support

Scientific research carried out by Dr. Max Gerson from the internationally renowned Gerson Institute ( suggests that the juice and pulp should mix together before being pressed as this allows the transfer of a greater amount of nutrients from the pulp. The mechanism on the Hurom juicer allows just this, with the non-drip cap and the valve allowing the pulp and the juice to combine for far longer. This enables the membranes to be effectively flushed out of the pulp cells before going on to be cold pressed. The juice valve on the Hurom HU 700 allows an extra half litre of juice to wash through the pulp, collecting extra nutrients while the strong GE Ultem juicing screw squeezes the fibres dry. The other advantage of this internal rotation is that by the time your juice is dispensed, it’s already been blended to perfection and you won’t have a big cup of froth or foam. This type of science-based technology is typically only found on some of the top models on the market such as the Norwalk press, or the Angel and Greenstar juicers. Further studies from the Korean Food Research Institute and Michelson Laboratories Inc. have shown that this type of juicing mechanism results in more Vitamin A and C, boosted by 60.7% and 42.7% respectively, compared to standard juicers. Both the USDA and the FDA have verified these findings.

Easy to Clean


Cleaning the juicers is always the least favourite part of the process for everyone but the good news is that the Hurom HU 700 is simple to clean. All you need to do is pour some water into the juicer, allowing it to run as usual and close up the juice cap. This will have the result of flushing any residues of pulp and juice from inside the machine. For any small parts which are left there’s two cleaning brushes will allow easy access to even the most hard to reach areas. 

Suggestions for use

How you decide to use your juicer is up to you but you’ll find an incredible array of choice because the Hurom 700 can process a huge range of fruits and vegetables. With the ability to juice even hard produce and a fantastic performance on soft fruits and vegetables such as oranges, pineapple and berries, the Hurom 700 is far more effective than its horizontal competitors. On the other hand, if you plan on using your juicer mainly on leafy greens such as kale, chard, spinach and wheatgrass then choosing a horizontal model such as the Omega or Samson would produce better results. But for a juicer with an excellent all-round performance then the Hurom HU 700 comes out on top.

This doesn’t mean that the Hurom HU 700 and other vertical juicers can’t process leafy greens, wheatgrass, vegetables and soft fruits but it’s more of a general juicer, good for extracting juice from all types of produce. Vertical juicers like the Hurom excel at squeezing every last drop from soft fruits such as citrus, berries and pineapples, something that horizontal juicers aren’t great at. However when it comes to soft leafy greens and wheatgrass the horizontal juicers have a distinct advantage over vertical machines. Therefore if an all-round juicer is what you need the Hurom HU 700 is what you need. 

Milk drinks made easy in the Hurom HU 700 Premium


If you want oat, almond, rice or soy milk, you can make your own in a trice with the Hurom HU 700.

Technical Specifications for the HU700 HH-DBG06

  • Patented extraction system, Slow Squeezing Cold Press, Patented as SSS™ (Slow Squeezing System)
  • 70-80 RPM
  • Single-phase induction motor
  • 50-60 Hz frequency
  • Available in red burgundy and silver
  • Strainer, cleaning brush, collection jugs, tamper and GE Ultem Auger included in the accessories
  • 6.1kg unboxed weight
  • 167mm x 237mm x 398mm
  • 150 W
  • 240 V
  • CE Certified
  • Materials used include Ultem Tough Polycarbonate (BPA free)
  • Warranty - Domestic: 10 years on Motor / 2 Year Parts


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Product Reviews

  1. Great Juicer and Great Service

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2016

    I bought this juicer following the recommendation from the Team at I have to say, I am really pleased with my purchase. The juicer produces amazing quality juice and I find it very easy to clean. Definitely value for money!

    Product Rating

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