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Omega OM6560 Blender in Red

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Omega OM6560 is an incredibly powerful and adaptive blender, perfect for use in a variety of domestic scenarios from making smoothies to soups or dips. At its top speed setting, it can output 3.0 horsepower allowing it to easily mix and puree any ingredient thrown at it to produce very consistent and smooth end results.

Blender Features

  • Maximum blending power of 3.0 hp
  • 1.9-litre blending jug capacity
  • Variable 1-speed control dial
  • Low, High and Pulse speed options
  • Removable ingredient cap
  • 2-in-1 plunger and spatula accessory
  • BPA free Tritan blending jug
  • Robust compact design
  • Dishwasher safe parts and accessories
  • Powerful 1380-watt motor

Blender Overview

High Power Blending

Through its highly capable 1380-watt motor, the OM6560 can output up to 3.0 hp. As a result, the stainless steel cutting blade is always able to power through ingredients no matter how tough they may be.

However, to facilitate a range of results and fine control over a blend, the OM6560’s power can be reigned in through a 10-speed control dial and two separate speed output options. In combination, these settings allow for very small tweaks to be made to a blend to achieve a desired effect without always needing to use the highest power level.

High-Quality Materials

To ensure the OM6560 remains durable over many years of use, Omega has manufactured it from a range of high-quality materials. For starters, the 1.9-litre blending jug is made of incredibly durable and damage resistant Tritan BPA free plastic, ensuring it won’t crack or fail even at very high power levels.

Additionally, both the cutting blade and its coupling with the motor shaft are made of metal. Since these parts bear the brunt of the force outputted by the OM6560, this ensures they won’t snap or wear out easily, as seen in many cheaper blenders currently on the market.

Practical Design

As always, Omega has put a lot of focus into making the OM6560 a truly practical product through a number of small but useful features. For example, the feet under the motor housing form a suction grip on most countertops, keeping the unit very stable and the power cord can be wrapped up under the unit for easy storage.

The OM6560 also comes with a handy pusher and spatula accessory, that allows for ingredients to be constantly pushed towards the cutting blades, ensuring nothing remains unblended.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


1.9 L
3.0 hp
1380 W
5 Years
7.1 KGS


23.0 cm
49.8 cm
21.1 cm

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