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Vitamix Ascent 2300i Blender in Red

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The Vitamix Ascent 2300i is the perfect blend of simplicity and great performance combined in one sleek device. It serves as a replacement for the Professional 300 model, but as would be expected, it comes with some upgrades over its predecessor, including a digital timer and wireless Self-Detect Technology. These features make the Ascent 2300i a breeze to use and facilitate optimal blending every time.

The Ascent 2300i also comes equipped with the very best of Vitamix’s blending technology, and it's 2.2 peak horsepower motor allows it to process even the toughest ingredients with ease. That great performance and the premium construction of the 2300i make it tough to beat and it is rounded off with an excellent 10-year warranty.


Blender Features

  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor
  • 2.0L Blending Container with SELF-DETECT™ Technology
  • Capable of grinding, chopping and puréeing
  • Variable 10-speed control dial
  • Self-Detect Technology safeguard system
  • Digital timer operation
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Made of BPA free materials

Blender Overview


Consistent Blending Performance

The Ascent 2300i holds true to the legacy of Vitamix blenders in every way with a highly capable motor that can output 2.2 horsepower when required. Therefore, no ingredient is too tough for it to break down and it has consistently proven capable of achieving perfect blends.

Like the Professional models before it, the blade found in the 2300i’s 2-litre blending container has been shaped to form a vortex of ingredients during blending. The vortex allows for ingredients to fold back into the blades, ensuring an even consistency throughout. Furthermore, the dull nature of the blades allows them to work well after many years of use as they are not dependant on being sharp to process ingredients.

Variable Blend Speeds

The Ascent 2300i uses a 10-speed dial to control the speed of its motor. These settings provide great control over blending conditions and allow for incredibly fine-tuned blends. The 2300i also has a useful pulse function tab, making it easier to finalise the texture of a blend.

When used to its full potential the Ascent 2300i is capable of performing a wide variety of functions, and it can be used for functions such as grinding, chopping and puréeing. These functions facilitate the production of many different foods and drinks, including hot soups, smoothies, whole juices, frozen desserts and pâté.

Digital Improvements

Vitamix have included a few digital functions in their Ascent series blenders to keep them up to date with current technology standards. The first of these additions is the inclusion of a digital timer, which provides a readout on how long a blend has been running. This information allows for blends to be fine-tuned and makes it easy to follow recipes perfectly.

Ascent models also include a wireless Self-Detect safety system. This system is able to detect when either the lid or container are out of position, and won’t allows the device to function if an error is detected. A system such as this one is key in modern blenders and makes for an optimised blending experience. The Self-Detect system is also able to adjust settings to suit different styles of containers, ensuring that blending conditions are always ideal.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


2.2 hp
1200 - 1400 W
10 Years
6.9 KGS


27.9 cm
43.2 cm
20.3 cm

Box Contents

1 x Blender Motor Base 1 x 2.0-Litre Wet Blade Blending Jug 1 x Low Profile Tamper 1 x Simply Blending Recipe Book

Product Reviews

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    Recent Ascent 2300 blender purchase

    I'm enjoying my new blender and have used it at least twice a day since I got it. I had a Vitamix blender for 13 years before that. I tend to use my Vitamix for blending and making nutmilks and smoothies. I was really sad when my older Vitamix blender had to be replaced. I've still got it! But the Perfect blend app is working on my Samsung tablet and I plan on creating recipes with it. Very useful! Hopefully this new blender will also last more than 13 years even with heavy duty use. Looking forward to using it for my recipes! It's worth every pound..

    Posted by Stella on 28th Sep 2021