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Sage® the Super Q™ Blender

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Designed and optimised for the home kitchen, and with the most powerful motor but still the quietest blending experience that Sage have ever created, the Sage Super Q™ is here to meet all your blending needs and also offer some unique yet welcomed twists along the way. For those that are keen on making a fresh and tasty smoothie for your morning commute and want to just “blend and go” the Super Q™ comes with a hand personal blending attachment and container, that allows you to prep the evening before and then simply blend in the morning before you leave with the contents perfectly tailored to your preferred texture and taste. A key feature of the Sage Super Q™ is that it allows the user to fine tune the textures of the blends they are creating, and to make them as smooth as possible. There is also the option of removing the air from the blending container with the handy Vac Q™ accessory to create a vacuum seal which preserves the freshness of the blended contents for longer.


Key Features

  • Vac Q Compatible
  • 2400 Watt Motor
  • 300km/h rotation speed
  • Hot and Cold soup function
  • Reduces Noise Output
  • Personal Blending Container included (700ml)
  • Container Detect Technology (Sage only)
  • BPA Free 

Powerful and Refined

The Sage Super Q™ boasts the most powerful motor Sage use, with a dizzying 300km/h blade rotation speed and a 2400 Watt motor to back this up, the Super Q™ will have no issue getting your blends to the consistency you require with minimal effort and time involved. There is even a Mill setting that is more than capable of creating fine flours, which is a feature you don’t often see on domestic blenders. But what is really impressive is that considering there is no visible sound shielding, Sage have managed to combine the cooling system and noise reduction into the base of the blender, meaning that you get the benefits of a much quieter blending experience that does not require a very intrusive space footprint on your kitchen worktop because it comes with sound shielding guards or covers.

One Touch or Totally Tailored

Another handy feature that Sage have included is to give the user the choice and options to use their tuned five 1-touch blending pre-sets, or go fully manual with the 12 speed settings that enable you to create blends with variable textures suited to your needs. you flick between on the fly as you blend. The advantage of the five pre-set functions: Green Smoothie, Soup, Pulse/Ice Crush, Frozen Dessert, Smoothie, is that they allow you to set the blender its task and then leave it to complete it, this is extremely handy for soups where the ingredients can be added, the blender turned on, and when you return a perfect hot or cold soup will be ready for you with the ideal texture/consistency.

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Added Extras

In the box, aside from the blender itself, you get the previously mentioned Personal Blending Container (700ml) that allows you to make smaller more convenient amounts of a recipe or that perfect morning smoothie to grab and go. There is a tamper for the 2L container and an edged spatula to help you get every tasty ounce of your creation out of the container once you have finished blending.

The Vac Q™ Vacuum Pump (Optional Extra)

The feature that completely sets this blender apart from the majority of the domestic blenders on the market today is that it has been designed to work in sync with Sage’ very own vacuum pump, the Vac Q™. This powerful little device attaches to the top of the 2L blending container and will extract every ounce of air within the container and your ingredients before you blend. The advantage of this is that without oxygen being mixed into your food, your blends will taste and feel much more silky smooth. Another plus point is that whatever you create, can be stored for much longer, as there is no oxidation of the nutrients kept within the food. This extraction of oxygen does two things for you blend, the first being it can also provide a richer and fuller flavour in soups and smoothies alike, and secondly, the colour of the blend will appear more vibrant due to the natural colours remaining in the blend. 

Technical Specifications

  • Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm): 210 x 270 x 460
  • Weight (kg): 7.39
  • Power (watts): 2400
  • Rotation Speed: 3000km/h
  • Warranty: 10 Year Repair, Replace or Refund Guarantee (at the sole discretion of Sage Appliances)

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