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Vitamix Ascent 3500i Anniversary Edition Blender in Graphite

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The Vitamix Ascent 3500i is a highly capable and versatile blender, ideally suited to meet any domestic blending requirements. A step above the rest, it offers fantastic features, including a touchscreen interface and five pre-programmed blending cycles.


Blender Features

  • Blending power of 2.2 horsepower
  • 5 pre-programmed blending cycles
  • Programmable blending timer
  • Self-Detect safeguard technology
  • >Manual pulse control
  • Smart touchscreen interface
  • BPA free blending components
  • 2-litre blending container capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Modern and stylish design

Blender Overview

High-Performance Blending

To effectively blend almost anything to a high standard, the Ascent 3500i has a 2.2 horsepower motor. Therefore, it has plenty of power to blend, puree, mix and mince ingredients of any type.

Beyond sheer blending power, the 3500i also comes with five pre-programmed blending cycles for:

  • Smoothies
  • Hot soups
  • Dips and spreads
  • Frozen desserts
  • Self-cleaning

These cycles make blending very accessible, even for complete beginners and cover most common blending requirements.

Programmable Timer Function

Adding to the 3500i’s impressive blending ability is a versatile timer function. This function works in tandem with variable speed blends and allows for custom time limits to be set for them. As a result, it’s easy to produce perfect results without constant supervision.

When not in active use, the timer instead acts as a stopwatch during variable speed blends. In this mode, it will simply display the amount of time the blender has been running continuously. 

Self-Detect Connectivity

To ensure optimal blending across containers of all sizes, the Ascent 3500i uses Self-Detect technology. In application, this technology senses the size of a connected container and alters blending times and power levels accordingly.

It also offers a secondary purpose by improving user safety. If a container or lid can’t be detected or isn’t connected correctly, the 3500i will not activate. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to have any unwanted accidents.

Anniversary Edition Upgrades

Beyond the standard 3500i model, the Anniversary Edition comes with some fantastic extra accessories, including:

  • Blending kit blade base

  • 600ml blending kit cup

  • 225ml blending kit bowl

  • Under blade scraper

  • Simply blending recipe book

The blending kit helps to widen the versatility of the Ascent 3500i through different container sizes. The under blade scraper makes cleaning safer and more efficient, and the recipe book contains a wide array of blending ideas.

High-Quality Materials

To support its impressive blending abilities, the Vitamix Ascent 3500i makes use of many high-quality materials. The motor body itself is wrapped in a layer of stainless steel, providing increased resistance to scratches and dents.

On the other hand, the blending jug uses hard-wearing BPA free plastics that are resistant to damage. It also features a stainless steel blade, which can easily cut through all manner of ingredients without concern.

While a plastic blending jug may appear inferior to glass, its flexible qualities prevent it from cracking at higher power levels, making it an ideal choice for the 3500i.

Modern Design

To complete a very well-rounded package, the Ascent 3500i also offers some modern creature comforts. First and foremost is the touchscreen interface, which, combined with the speed dial and control buttons, grants easy control over the unit.

However, beyond the interface, the 3500i can also be controlled wirelessly through the Vitamix Perfect Blend app. The app also provides access to 17 pre-programmed functions and over 500 recipe ideas.

Product FAQ

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


2.2 hp
1200 - 1400 W
10 Years
8.3 KG


20.3 cm
43.2 cm
27.9 cm

Box Contents

1 x Blender Motor Base 1 x 2.0-Litre Wet Blade Blending Jug 1 x Low Profile Tamper 1 x Blade Base 1 x 600ml Blending Cup 1 x 225ml Blending Bowl 1 x Under Blade Scraper 1 x Tamper Holder 1 x Simply Blending Recipe Book

Product Reviews

  • 5

    It's been quite a while that I wanted to purchase a Vitamix but the price tag put me off as I didn't think a blender was worth that price tag. However, I happen to taste a smoothie made with a Vitamix from a relative of mine, I was truly amazed with the texture as that is how I liked my smoothie, silky smooth. The blender I had the smoothie was mostly grainy which I didn't like. From that day on I wanted to get one and decided to take the plunge and bought it from the as they had the best deal going and I am pleased I did, the delivery was almost as smooth as the smoothie. I also liked the air jug gift that came with it, a nice touch as I can store my smoothie for longer, I look forward to using the blender to make ice cream and lots more

    Posted by John on 13th Dec 2022